Manufacture Problems I Faced 

I faced many manufacture problems in the process of creating my press pack 1 of the problems was that unfortunately my keyring and notebook didn’t arrive in time for the deadline. I managed to other items however to make sure my press pack will full enough. My print on my chandelier was the wrong colour, as they printed it yellow  and not gold. Luckily the company realised this and replaced it for me and I still received on time.
My first phone case I sent off for ended up coming back the wrong colour; It came out navy. So I requested a replacement but decided to order from another company as well. The 2nd company printed my phone case the correct colour and I received on time. Ordering from the 2nd company was the right idea as I received my replacement the day of my deadline and it was still the wrong colour. I have learnt a lot from these manufacture problems the only way to guarantee quality and make sure they arrive on time is to order in advance as much as possible so I have time to send items back and replace them. In future I will need to just pay the quickest delivery, even if expensive, to make sure I have the items. I will need to work and design at a faster speed to keep up with demand as in the industry I will need to be as efficient as possible.
Overall I’m happy with my final press pack. My press pack consists of; a look book, phone case, fashion film, stickers, business card, business card folder, a gift box,flyer, invite, event wristband, fabric labels, swing tags, a loyalty card and I also created a website. I decided to use packaging tinsel as it was more metallic and looked more luxurious than tissue paper. I stuck to my colour theme using only golds and green. I tried to use different papers but I felt the quality when printing off on them wasn’t good enough so instead I had to mount then on card. In the future I would prefer to have them professionally made, but unfortunately they only print in bulk. For future projects I’m going to look for other cards and paper that has a better quality print as not all of it was clear the first time I printed on it.



I could see my mixed media and branding pieces in Vanity Fair, Vogue and Elle. I believe this is possible because they have a similar target audience to me. They use glamorous models and celebrities and feature interesting stories about things hard working women would find enjoyable to read. Such as the story in the 2nd to bottom image “Jessica Hart Model mogul in the making” and stories about sophiscated fashion. My branding would fit in as it’s is luxury and glamorous it would fit well with vibrant magazine which is rich in colour and context. 

Evaluation of Project

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this project. At first I was a bit unsure as I am not a big fan of sportswear and it is not something I am interested in. I found my brand and designer quite quickly though as my designer was a couture designer I had a lot of work to be able to create a sports wear collection yet still incorporating his ascetics. I thought Adidas was the best brand to pick as it is a big brand and has done a lot of collaborations before I felt I could bring the culture, colour and glamour to Adidas and help boost Manish’s recognition, even though hes created trainers with Reebok before. I really researched deeply into the digital wave trend to help me know what trends to pick, I also looked at other elements of the trend and other collections related to the trend such as the male trend pack. I bought a lot of fabric samples which I fee also helped me to pick what trends I wanted to focus on. I feel I researched thoroughly and excellently. I looked at different places and also produced a lot of primary video. I looked at various collaborations and experimented well.

I feel I researched Manish and my brand well enough in order to come up with the right target market, concept and colour/texture boards. When developing a long this project I constantly had my customer in mind; Would they wear this? Would they buy that print? etc…  My colour/texture boards Manish well too as he uses a lot of tonal bright colours, metallics and enjoys playing with texture. My concept it more fashion sport and I feel I portrayed this really well in my collection you can clearly see the sport details but understand it is very glamorous.

I created plenty of prints and developed them I think I came up with very unique prints which really suited both my target market and designer they are fun and vibrant.  I struggled at first when creating prints as I just didn’t know what to do even though I have created prints before I still felt like I couldn’t create brilliant one but I feel this module has helped me develop my print making skills.

I am really happy with how most of my designs turned out I started to find it difficult after a while coming up with so many but even when creating when I wasn’t fond of I could use elements to create something I was extremely proud of. My designs are unique,feminine and also represent me as a designer, which I think it great that it incorporates me, the designer and the brand.

I also found my branding fairly easy at first I couldn’t think of any ideas so I just played with the famous stripes of Adidas and added Manish’s logo. My embroidery went wrong twice and next time I will make sure I get it done earlier so that I can make sure that it turns out right the first time. I also created printed card acetate for my accessory which suits my brand well it is also sophisticated.

My illustrations and line up are extremely original and quirky I think my designer would be easily recognized from these and I feel my final illustrations and line up reflect my designer too they are bright , interesting and eye catching. My whole collection turned out amazing you can see my inspiration, my collection is also cohesive featuring the same prints, colours, mesh and asymmetrical details. If I were to do it again I think I would spend more time on the project even though I feel I managed my time well I could have managed it better to get more work produced and research into my designer more, but this project has taught me how manage my time better.

Fabrics for collection

For my top I decided the best fabric would be scuba as it is stretchy, firm and holds shape well. I wanted a jersey for my pants, my jersey only has a one way stretch across the width my pants will include a drawstrung waistband so stretch isn’t too important but it will make my garment more comfortable. Mesh was one of the first and main fabrics to use as it adds to the sportswear feel and it fits my collection. My jacket is creating from a metallic stretch which is bejewelled with silver round gems, I have also manipulated the fabric so it looks like squares.











I couldn’t embroider on my bag as I used see through vinyl plastic and I found out it wouldn’t work and it would just look messy and the heat press also wouldn’t work as the fabric would just melt. So I decided to buy lots of different trims and create a really fun colourful bag, I thought the plastic vinyl fabric would work well as the outfit is so bright anyway that it would make it look more interesting than adding an extra colour, so I created straps out of the same fabric as my swing tag, added a black zip the same colour as my mesh, lime green pom pom trim which I adorned with gold gems, tassels in Manish Arora’s favourite colours, a disco ball zip pull to reflect the ‘Mirror Mirror’ theme and a sequin encased pocket. I also added a bejeweled hot pink trim the same colour as the wig, tassel and pink and my collection. I think my bag is funky, unique and reflects his fun style and the style of my collection I think my bag would work well with every item in my collection.


My photo shoot went extremely well I am ecstatic with how it turned it, after picking the best photographs I edited them all making them brighter and giving them the highest contrast I also changed the hue and saturation to make them brighter and more vibrant. I feel these images really create a strong vision for my collection such as the bright colours (which are colours I am using) sequins, bright pink Afro and jewelry. They are also usual,  funky and creative. Some of the images I also used other filters such as pixelate,sponge, colour halftone,glow and poster edges.

Line Up



working onlineup

Line up

I added my line up to a zoomed in section of one of my illustrations I feel however although  do think its bold it is a bit to busy and you don’t pay attention on the garments as much as you should. newbacklogo

Then I tried it again but with the opacity of my background at 17% I do think its really interesting but I think it would look better just white, I also need to draw around my garments in fine liner again so they are more clearer. I also think i should add in one of my other prints as my collection looks more pastel than colourful and bright like my colour palette.

line up new printf

Without a background, it does look a lot clearer and the garments are more the focus.Final Line up

As you can see with the fine liner my images stand out more and you can see the detail more, I have also added my fabrics. I am extremely happy with how my line up turned out my designer likes more usual, cultural, creative things and I feel this is what I have done. My line up is original and will stand out to others as it has never been done before. My garments are cohesive and unique. This line up suits my designers ascetic more than one with just a black and white face as my designer is colourful, bold and different. I feel if I did it that way it would not suit my designer.

Final Line up other

Using the hue/saturation tool on Photoshop I created this image, I actually do think it looks really good in royal and turquoise but they’re not colours my designer uses and I do feel the pink, green and yellows look a lot better and fit in with my designer better than his one. Final Line up others

Again using the hue/saturation tool on Photoshop, The greens, purples and blues look great together. And again I do feel my original suits my colour palette and is more eye catching.