Final Illustration


My final illustration has one of my final prints in the background and shows the effortless look and glamour of the women who will wear my collection. I would want to develop some more illustrations in the second part of the assignment, especially digital as it speaks to the modern women and fits in more with my contemporary 15th century Monarch theme.

Technical Drawing


My final design is  inspired by the chandelier and lamp arms I found in Liverpool Town Hall, this detail is unique and you wouldn’t know from looking at this garment I looked at Queen Elizabeth as it is interesting and puts a new spin on the classic well known ruff collar of the 15th century. The straight skirt balances out the floaty bodice and the panels,vertical and horizontal, on the skirt are taken from the beautiful mosaic ceilings. I think my first outfit is a fantastic interpretation of my research is it is fresh, different and modern.

Using Illustration Techniques for Design Ideas

Today I created more design ideas but this time I used my illustration techniques I have been using to communicate my design developments. My illustration techniques can be found here and final chosen technique can be found here. However for my designs and developments I thought the collage head would obstruct the design and makes it more difficult to see the detail of the design. Here is one of my designs using the fine liner and water technique.


I then photocopied my designs on to acetate as I felt they would be more eye catching and I could add fabrics and backgrounds to my designs. I added ripped magazine pages that I felt fit with my theme as they are dark, mysterious and are the perfect juxtaposition for my work as my designs are glamorous and luxurious but the background are desolate and abandoned which I feel adds an edge to my work. I also used frayed gold ribbons, fabric and paper that fit with my theme and colour scheme I feel this made my designs come even more to life and communicates my vision creatively.



Trend Research: Nocturne A/W 17/18

I found this trend was the most related to my collection as it is about the  dark side of life it reminds me of the 15th century monarch as they were wealthy, selfish and lived a life of luxury whist their people suffered with poverty, premature death and illness. This trend talks about the beauty of death and coming to realise and accept death as much as we accept life, not scared.



This theme is all about blurring the transition from day to night so night/evening wear is worn in the day. My collection is evening wear as this fits with my theme of the 15th century monarch as they found their clothes such an important factor as it showed wealth and status so day wear clothes would not do my theme any justice.


The two main colours I am using for my collection are also two of the colours in this theme including some of my original colours such as the ruby, wine and lapis.


I also had a look at fabrics from the trend which consists of velvet of which I am using printed velvet I created, and other fabrics embedded with metallic threads and details. I think these are very similar to my fabrics. The last image is my fabric print samples as you can see the colours are similar and the tones work really well as you have some stronger details such as the metallic and light tones.


A lot of my designs are similar to the Victorian style, which they have used here, as I have drawn gathered bodices’, ruffle trousers and dresses.


I also thought it would be interesting to look into the prints and graphics of this trend to see how they would relate to mine. I found a lot of similar designs that could have inspired mine as they’re very detailed I feel the top middle one fits well with my concept as it looks as if it was influenced by the Rococo art movement too.


Final Design and Development

Today I discussed my designs, fabric prints/samples and colour scheme with my pattern/manufacturing tutor and my course team leader the design I wanted to construct they both found it really interesting and agreed I manufacture that design.Which is below on the left;


They also helped me pick my other two designs I am going to create which is the top right and also the one below. However they suggested a shorter skirt for design 2 so I will be doing developments of this to see what fits best. They decided that because the skirt for design 1 was long also and there was so much going on, on design 2 that a shorter skirt would put even more emphasis on the details of the dress such as the volume hips. They thought the cape I designed would work extremely well with this plunge jumpsuit. I think it adds more drama and makes the jumpsuit fit in better with the other two outfits, as they’re so detailed adding the cape makes this one just as strong as the other two.


The discussion gave me clarity and helped me to develop my designs and research giving me an even more clear idea of how I want my collection to look and the mood I want to evoke.We also discussed my fabric samples picking the taffeta print mixed with the chandelier print chiffon. We also decided to change the velvet print to my more busy print as it would look stronger.

After showing them my colour scheme we all decided just to stick to dark green and golds as it was quite difficult to match the colours together for a good combination.


Peer Review 27/09/16

I want to develop my designs by creating fabric manipulations inspired by the Rococo art movement and Liverpool Town Hall, I want to create silhouettes based on the architecture of the churches and castle in my research. I want to develop a few prints and use laser cutting to modernise my collection and I want to use embellishments as they were used a lot in the time period I am looking out but I also enjoy working with embellishment too.

I have found a few creative problems along the way one being that I struggled trying to figure out what fabrics I wanted to use in my collection. I solved this issues by buying lots of samples that matched my colour theme and of which I though the surface/texture related to me theme. I also find there are quite a few designers inspired by royalty but I feel they go too literally and it is too obvious I want mine to be different yet still be opulent so I am using more modern silhouettes, using technology to create prints and design and I want to make them more wearable.

Peer Reviews/advice:

Tracey Wilson- Tracey suggested I looked at Holbein whom painted Henry the 8th and said he painted the up close details such as the details of his clothes and threads so I will look in to him to see if I can use his work to influence mine. She also suggested the Walker Art Gallery yet I have already got plenty of research I did go back after this comment to see if there was anything else but it remained the same as my last visit.

Nadia Mohammed- Nadia suggested I look into St Georges hall, personally I feel I am quite far ahead into my development that I know longer need that and a lot of the elements I found at The Town Hall would be similar such as the chandeliers. However I will look for some secondary images to see if there is anything that could help/inspire me. She also suggested after looking through my sketchbook,  she thinks my collection would be perfect using Velvet fabric.

Laura Arnold- Laura struggled to give me suggestions but she did mention after looking at my designs that it would be good to look at Balmain as they use a lot of opulent embellishment and styles.

Georgia McGee- I stated to Georgia when showing her my work that I don’t think I want to use the colour black in my sketchbook as I don’t think it suits my theme anymore and feel that my ideas would look more original in the jewel tones I’ve picked. She agreed with me and also said she thinks the emerald would well which I think so too. This really gave me a clear idea now what I wanted to do and helped me make my decision.

It was useful to hear other peoples opinions as it has given me ideas for my work and sketchbook.

Fabric Research and Some Samples

I was not too sure at first what fabrics I wanted to use for my collection but knew what colour scheme I wanted to do so I decided the best thing would be to pick fabrics with my colour palette. The fabrics that stick out the strongest to me are velvet, chiffon, organza, taffeta and satin these fabrics are very decadent drama and I think different textures and fabrics mixed together always merge together fantastically. Here are my fabrics and some embellishment fabric samples working into the fabrics I bought so I could see what I could do with them and how they work.


Design Illustrations

After I rated and reviewed by illustrations I decided I wanted to mix two which was the one with head from a magazine and the other which was the fine-liner with water and the continuous line. So I looked through magazines for the right head I found this lovely model with long wavy ginger hair whom was very feminine yet with a hing of androgyny. Her hair is ginger which was the same as Elizabeth the 1st which I would would relate to my theme well.  These illustrations worked fantastically as the face suits my designs, the designs are clear and the depth of tone created through use of water communicate my idea of glamour appropriately.