Final Fabric Board

For my final fabrics I have stuck to my original fabrics as I found they worked the best after I had tried other materials in draping and toiling. I also found they suit my theme best. I did embellish the chandelier chiffon fabric with beads although i’m happy with the look of it it would take a long time to complete on my final garments I think if I were to do this I would be best to do it very last after I have finished making the garments to ensure I have enough time to finish what is most important.



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Final Illustrations

I created 6 illustrations which I wanted them to be quite expressionist, Posey and fun to capture the attitude of my customer and collection. I chose to make my illustrations digital as I am much stronger in creating digital illustrations. I feel digital works well when a collection has print fabrics as they can be included in the backgrounds and as shapes. It also makes the clothing look more realistic. I decided to use shapes in the backgrounds around the fashion illustration to focus it on the model and the outfit the shapes are also because I have used a lot of different shapes in my silhouettes and prints. I believe digital illustrations can also look more professional too and as my customer is a professional women and sophisticated this would be the style to catch her eye. I created them using Adobe illustrator to trace models in fun poses and Photoshop to warp my working sketches on to the models. The hair is messy and ginger/blonde inspired by the model whom is my muse and has been used in previous illustrations and my line up.


This is the first illustration I created  of my 6th outfit I was happy with the transparency of the dress but thought the colours were too similar and there was no contrast so I carried on playing with layer modes until I found the right one. Which was the second one. I think the hues of bright and dark contrast well against one another and the splash of light blue on the chandeliers,although its not in my colour palette,  adds more dimension and depth making the illustration more visually appealing. 


Diffusion Accessory Reseach

A lot of high profile designers and fashion houses produce diffusion lines of their brands this enables them to sell to a customer of a different market range to their usual market range; usually a selling for a more accessible price. This can broaden their target market which can help them to sell more for example the high street store H&M have worked with lots of big name designers to bring a diffusion range to their store such as Balmain, Ashish and Kenzo.OKTB3-16-e-AL-Inside-KENZO-Story-Behind-the-Collection.jpg–everything-you-need-to-know.html

Moschino & LOVE Moschino

Moschino a high end Fashion house also have a diffusion line titled LOVE Moschino which is mostly an accessories line,clothing by Moschino can be within the £1,000 price range and t-shirts are nearly £400 on average. You can find handbags by LOVE Moschino for just £145 which is nearly half than the price of their jumpers. They also have purses and key rings available. Below the first pictures is a screen shot from Moschino’s website showing the huge difference in price compared to the LOVE Moschino range.



Kurt Geiger & Miss KG

“The Kurt Geiger design studio sees distinct product creation for each label. From Kurt Geiger London’s Italian craftsmanship marrying cutting edge materials, signature sandals and razor sharp stilettos to KG Kurt Geiger’s London-cool, Miss KG’s fashion essentials at accessible price points”-Kurt

Kurt Geiger


Miss KG Range


Michael Kors

Michael Kors has a ready wear collection featuring shirts and trousers around the range of £300+ but there is also a Michael Kors collection were items such as clothing and accessories can cost up to and over £1,000 however they do have accessories in a lower price range also that can cost on average up to £400.,default,sc.html

My Accessories

Firstly I started to draw initial designs based on ideas I had for accessories such as what would suit my target customer base, what fits with my accessories and as my collection is an evening wear collection what accessories are worn and used.

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This is my research on Pinterst 1920s Art Deco, Dolce and gabbana and unusual accessories.

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Trend Research

Although I couldn’t find any trends directly related with Brexit I looked at A/W trends as it is the season I am creating a collection for. I found a section in the Infusion A/W 17/18 trend which is called design for diversity which reminds me of the hate post and after Brexit. Its about designing for everyone not just one group of people such as people are wanting Britain to be Britain again which means just British people leaving there and not accepting other cultures or colours.


Another trend which doesn’t directly relate to my collection but has a similar theme is The Thinker A/W 18/19 which is called Master Craft which is reminds me of the previous Artisan trend for 16/17 as it is about crafting products by hand rather than outsourcing to other countries or by machine going back to traditional roots. I  think this is important for Britain to show they’re strong country who can survive without the EU by creating their own materials and resources rather than going to now not so cheaper EU Countries anymore.