Manufacture Problems I Faced 

I faced many manufacture problems in the process of creating my press pack 1 of the problems was that unfortunately my keyring and notebook didn’t arrive in time for the deadline. I managed to other items however to make sure my press pack will full enough. My print on my chandelier was the wrong colour, as they printed it yellow  and not gold. Luckily the company realised this and replaced it for me and I still received on time.
My first phone case I sent off for ended up coming back the wrong colour; It came out navy. So I requested a replacement but decided to order from another company as well. The 2nd company printed my phone case the correct colour and I received on time. Ordering from the 2nd company was the right idea as I received my replacement the day of my deadline and it was still the wrong colour. I have learnt a lot from these manufacture problems the only way to guarantee quality and make sure they arrive on time is to order in advance as much as possible so I have time to send items back and replace them. In future I will need to just pay the quickest delivery, even if expensive, to make sure I have the items. I will need to work and design at a faster speed to keep up with demand as in the industry I will need to be as efficient as possible.
Overall I’m happy with my final press pack. My press pack consists of; a look book, phone case, fashion film, stickers, business card, business card folder, a gift box,flyer, invite, event wristband, fabric labels, swing tags, a loyalty card and I also created a website. I decided to use packaging tinsel as it was more metallic and looked more luxurious than tissue paper. I stuck to my colour theme using only golds and green. I tried to use different papers but I felt the quality when printing off on them wasn’t good enough so instead I had to mount then on card. In the future I would prefer to have them professionally made, but unfortunately they only print in bulk. For future projects I’m going to look for other cards and paper that has a better quality print as not all of it was clear the first time I printed on it.

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