Sketchbook Experiment Journey

My first two concept boards for the design assignments were both digital, so I really wanted to experimented with a more traditional method.  I wanted to created a 3D, tactile feel as it adds more interest to the page and helps to explain the concept easier. I used fabrics similar to fabrics in my collection and key words on acetate to show explain my concept but also the keywords are relevant to my target customer also. I used gold leaf to make my sketchbook look more luxurious and glamorous.  I used frames to show the Rococo movement influence through my book to make it look like opulent 15th century art work.


I layered up pieces of acetate and paper to show the multitude of traits in my target customers personality and how they build up t create my target audience.


After researching competitors I chose the brands I felt would be the biggest competitors to my brand. I used Marchesa, Balmain and House of CB. I selected images that reflected the design aesthetic of my collection for example similar styles such as gowns and revealing cuts. I also was inspired by the Rococo inspired locations in the House of CB’s campaign. I used layered both acetate and paper as I felt it added more drama to the pages.


For my logo development I wanted to try using a textile technique mixed with collage. I used fabrics from my collection and used the chandelier symbol I have used throughout my collection through my print and primary research. However I have managed to develop these mixed media experiments by adding different bottoms such as skirts, I have also traced a skirt  on illustrator and filled it with one of my prints to make it more original than just using a secondary image. As my first experiments are not that neat I decided to recreate the textile design but made the decision to change the chandelier to a “D” Which stands for Decadent Drama. I have then uploaded it to the computer and experimented with different filters such as hue and saturation, crystallizing and the contrast tool. I thought that the fully crystallized image stood out the most as it reminded me of chunks of glitter which have been used throughout my collection, the colours also were much stronger on too just development. Where as the others were not eye-catching. To develop it further information painted gold leaf on to a sheet of acetate which I put on too of the printed logo. Again I scanned it into the computer so it would be available to use on all of my press pack.


I used one of my mixed media illustrations for my flyer it is a mix of collage and acrylic paint inspired by the 2014 Stella McCartney collection campaign images. I used glitter and metallic paper to help bring out the gold in the flyer, as it is one of my main colours. I decided I preferred the dark green chandelier print so I changed the cape print and added the stamp filter to just the face to give it more of an artist look as I thought it would suit the design better because of the colours. I added more information down the sides as I have in my sketchbook. Usual flyers have theirs all horizontal going across the page, I didn’t want mine to look like an average flyer because I want mine to stand out compared to the competitors so I can reach my target customer. I added a semi-transparent overlay of one of my original concept boards to show the brand identity. I also changed the colours and backgrounds until I achieved the final result. I also drew lines with a metallic marker to created a more structured look and as a border for my sketchbook pages.16711712_1162714160494297_6617668450756334468_n16730306_1162714133827633_5201734654208580612_n16649297_1162714127160967_3622565912072215189_n16649499_1162714077160972_8291962287812353434_n

For my business card I wanted to use the logo I created to develop it which would show a strong brand identity. I printed out my logo and painted on gold leaf, I then scanned it back into the computer and edited it in different scales and sizes. I also changed opacity to create a more subtle look but felt that as my collection is dramatic and over the top high octane then a more vibrant one would suit my brand identity much better.  I have used a lot of the frames which relate back to the Rococo art movement I think these would also work well to add a 3D look and a more glamorous edges to my digitally designed business card. 16640785_1162714083827638_7498853346810800315_n


I wanted to use the laser cutter in my press pack as it creates a more professional look because of the sharp cut. Using the laser cutter I can create chandeliers for my press pack that will look more ornate and well produced. I looked at different chandeliers, from my primary research from the town hall. 16807570_1162714087160971_9153928823851133679_n

For my garment fabric labels I wanted something simple but relevant  to the brand identity. As the garments are busy a busy fabric label will get lost within the fabric. I experimented with my prints, text colours and opacity.

Again, for my swing tags I wanted something simple that wouldn’t clash with my garments. I used my prints, and colour palette and my chandelier symbol. I think my chandelier symbol is the strongest as it is consistent through my whole collection. It really defines my brand identity as it is clear to the customer every time they see that symbol they know it is Decadent Drama. I experimented with prints but I decided to use a small panel of print but thought the full prints were too busy and my collection is fully printed.

For my invites I decided to use the bas relif filter on my mixed media illustration on Photoshop I then overlaid a semi-transparent version of my print. I then added a dark green section on top to have a clearer background for my text. I added the chandelier symbol in the various places and opacity’s. I prefer the invite with the small gold chandelier on top I feel it looks official and well presented. The information looks clearer and it looks more vibrant.






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