Fashion Film Inspiration


The target audience are luxury fashion shoppers and celebrities. I know this because of the high prices and the endless amount of celebrities who wear Chanel. Created and directed by Karl Lagerfeld starring Pharrell Williams, Cara Delevingne & Géraldine Chaplin. Soundtrack: Title: CC The World Artist: Pharrell Williams.The story for the film is interesting to follow and very enjoyable. It creates a fantasy like fairy tale feel I think this will might make the customers feel like when they’re wearing Chanel they will feel like a princess. However I did not realise that the fashion film was for one of their collections I think that it is quite vague and needs to at least include the name of the collection as a title as part of the film. They picked the hotel location as it is makes the ‘fantasy’ feel like it could be more realistic and more likely to happen as a more opulent location would make it look less likely to happen and the fantasy wouldn’t be as believable. The story is about a woman and a man who both work, whom look exactly like the portraits in the hotel, hence the theme ‘reincarnation’. The hotel is filled with lots of prestigious guests. The characters come out of the paintings at night to dance it then seems that this is all a dream of Pharrell (the bellhop) . It makes me feel relaxed and in a dream world as the outfits are couture and over the top creating an ethereal feel. It is all about creating the ‘CC’ world, Chanel world. I see that Germany is used as an influence in the fashion film as they actors are dressed as traditional Germans for example the milk maid braids and Dirndls, this might be because the late Coco Chanel was German herself. It also features an actress styled as Coco Chanel.

The target audience are for people who want to wear designer but need it at an affordable price. I would assume the target audience is women in their 20s due to the use of millennial icon Kendal Jenner being used as the main focal point.Music by Ferdinand & VAZ Choreography by Normann Shay.The futuristic style film featuring lots of fun dance moves and BalmainxH&M clothing makes the film luxurious and eye catching. However the fact they seem to be aliens doesn’t make a lot of sense with the brand or with H&M I believe the reason this is because know one would have  ever thought such a well-known fashion house would release an affordable collection, such as you couldn’t imagine Chanel doing a diffusion range for H&M. This makes it ‘out of this world’ which is where I would assume the  alien concept was derived from because it’s so unexpected. Overall I could not fault the campaign I think it suits the brand identity and target audience, its very captivating and such an interesting fashion film.Again, the location was picked based on the unexpected theme of showing a realistic environment; a train, which most people get on everyday. The narrative of the story is about Kendall Jenner and ‘The Kendall’s’ which are styled to look like her, they are fighting through dance with other groups such as ‘The Jokers’ it all seems to be controlled  by Olivier Rousteing (the creative director of Balmain). It makes me feel excited for the collection, mesmerized by the film and enjoyed the use of technology as it made it very contemporary and suited with the millennial influence.  The effects are good camera angles and lots of technologically effects created by professionals. The only influences I see in this video will be the strong celebrity endorsement of using high-profile and relevant model and Kardashian Kendall Jenner. As she is such a strong influence in the world of young people it will attract them to buy the collection. Kendall Jenner Net Worth: $18 Million. Jenner earned $10 million in the year ending in June 2016, according to Forbes. She secured the No. 3 spot on Forbes’ list of the world’s highest-paid models. Her earnings show a 150 percent increase from the $4 million she earned in the previous year”.- Woods, L (2016)


Out of all of the fashion films I feel this one suits my target client the most. The location reminds me of Liverpool Town Hall, where the majority of my research was found. The set seems to be also inspired by the Rococo influence which is something my work was also heavily influenced by. The mood and attitude is dramatic due to the mysterious conversation between the the second two characters which leaves you wondering what’s about to happen and what has happened. Again, the mystery prevails as you follow the model around the grand building. The target audience are women in their late 20’s and 30’s who want luxury at an affordable price, the film targets glamorous girls who like to socialise. Ryan Hope was commissioned by River Island to concept and direct the glamorous fashion film launch a collection by William Tempest for their Design Forum range.

The team:

Director: Ryan Hope

Producer: Laura Jones

Exec Producer: Stephen Whelan
Director of Photography: Tony Miller
Steadicam: Simon Wood
Costume Stylist: Chloe Kerman
Make up Artist: Abigail Johnson
Hair Stylist: Claire Rothstein
Art Director: Anna Rhodes
Post Producer: Lesley Queen @ Prime Focus
Colourist: Rich Fearon @ Prime Focus
Flame Op: Dave Skippy Clifton @ Prime Focus
Music : Alex Jones & Ryan Hope

This film suits my theme the most as it is mysterious and dramatic, also very glamorous. It features a building similar to the Town Hall which I used as my main inspiration for my collection. By going room to room and just following the model around helps to show the mood of the collection but it a more natural way, vague way. The start of the film seems to be irrelevant to the rest of the film for example the sunbathing woman is quite confusing to the story and the usual monologue between the two women at the start of the film. I would have made the actors wear the same style of garment, as the main actress had a 1920’s style dress which fit with the location. Other actors had shorts and t-shirts that just didn’t fit with the theme and was also confusing as to why they were wearing those garments. The location reflected the opulence and mystery of the film, it is a glamorous building which suited the ‘party’ theme it reminded me of the Great Gatsby film due to the big parties he threw. The story is about a woman who is going to find the man she loves at a huge party he has thrown although the older woman at the start says shes not invited. The title of the fashion film is ‘It will not always be Summer’ and the older woman at the start of the film is saying how she is young and foolish, she also says herself she is his pretty fool I think the idea behind this is that she will not always be young and beautiful so enjoy the party now. This film makes me feel compelled and interested to watch. The story is quite mysterious and hard to understand watching it the first time. They used varied camera angles to get the effects.  The influences are the 1920’s with the flapper dresses and the giant parties that happened in the 20’s

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