Iconic Photographers, stylist/image makers, film makers and fashion designers

Juergen Teller(Photographer)


Juergen Teller enjoys putting people out of their comfort zones, he does this to create a real, raw and natural look. Which is what he is known for. His work is made provocative by the unusual set ups. He is one of the most well known photographers globally. The German photographer’s worked in the music industry shooting for record covers. Sinéad O’Connor for thesingle Nothing Compares 2 You in 1990, was his first hit. In 1991 he shot a series of iconic photos of Kurt Cobain, after being invited on tour with Nirvana. Teller was well known for his strange but wonderfully photographed images creating a signature for himself “Teller’s gritty aesthetic began to develop in 1996, when he famously photographed a naked Kristen McMenamy with the word ‘Versace’ scrawled across her chest in red lipstick.” -Leaper, C.( 2013)

Mario Sorrenti (photographer)

Mario Sorrenti is well known for his sexualised photograhs this helped him to burst onto the fashion scene in the 90’s which were published in American and Italian Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

He told Interview I’m pretty open. I’m not afraid of men. I’m not afraid of women. I’m not afraid of sex and sexuality. It’s part of me, and it comes out in the photograph. It’s as if at that moment when I’m taking pictures, I’m not a man and I’m not a woman. If I see a moment that seems true to me, that seems honest, whether it’s female or male, it’s part of me as well.” -The Business of Fashion(2016)

He is most know for his shooting of Kate Moss for Calvin Klein’s campaign for Obsession. He shot for Vogue Hommes, The New York Times, W, Self Service, Vanity Fair and also the Japanese, French and Italian Vogue.Chanel, Hug Boss, Max Mara and Kenzo and even Barneys New York are some of his most well known advertising clients.


Camilla Nickerson (stylist/image maker)


Camilla Nickerson  was scouted by Edie Campbell’s Mother  when she was around 14 or 15, whilst she was smoking outside of school.  After modelling outfits by  Comme des Garçons outfits, Camilla found out that it was someone’s job to put the clothes together and the hair, make-up and photography  to create a story. Which is when she decided that is what she wants to do.She has worked with Juergen Teller and Nick Knight amongst many others. Having built up such a long and defining career working hard in the fashion industry she doesn’t agree with the new millennial way of everything and everyone being a brand.

 “I kind of feel that everything’s becoming a brand: Beyoncé calls herself a brand, Rihanna calls herself a brand, and I have my reservations about that. You need magic behind the packaging.”– Camilla Nickerson(2014)


Andrea Lieberman (stylist turned fashion designer)

Andrea Lieberman is very well known for that infamous Versace dress worn by Jennifer Lopez. Andrea has an eye for out-of-the-ordinary pieces. She has worked with Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore.

 “I understand the emotion of clothing and how it feels when it’s on,’ she explains.”-Things we heart (2015) She also has her own contemporary fashion line which she knows she was always going to do  “Starting my own line was always on the cards for me because of my fashion training.” She believes that the most important tip is to keep up with the world around you or you will risk becoming irrelevant down to the internet, weekly magazines, gossip blogs and the relationship between music and styling.



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