Developing Photographs and Images

This type of collage would be interesting to create with my photoshoot images, I could also use pages from magazines and paint over them to create the same cartoon like feel. However I’m not too sure if this would work with my concept as you never see collage illustrations as part of high-end, luxury collection. I will experiment with this idea anyway to see if I can make them look high end.

I could use this as inspiration to create dripping ‘gold’ by using gold paint and gold leaf. I can use an image of a face related to my collection or similar to my muse. This could be used on invites with the information wrote vertically along the paint drips using photoshop to create this effect. This will show my colour palette which will help the customer recognise my brand due to my strong brand identity.


This image is captivating as the composition is balanced, the colour palette works together and the typography is an interesting extra element. Although this image does not relate to my luxury, glamour brand,I could use one of my photo shoot images with a high brightness and blur to create this effect on Photoshop. Using the name of collection and key words to relate to my brand identity. 

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