Creative Marketing Techniques


Jimmy Choo wanted to create a buzz for his brand by carefully placing a gift bag in the middle of the street “The idea was conceived by social media agency FreshNetworks and it is the first time Jimmy Choo has used a social media tool to engage its audience both online and offline simultaneously.”(, 2017) Using a unique technique attracts new and old customers as the idea of winning something for free makes people more likely to work for it. They have all their social media links listed on the advert so you can follow the journey of the shoes which would lead people to tweeting and sharing the pants making it go viral and attracting more of a buzz. I could stick my launch event flyer around the city and leave clues on my website and social media sites it would give the opportunity for people to win an exclusive invite to the launch event as the invites would only be sent out to selected people/companies and the press it would give the chance to someone who is interested in fashion or the event to attend. 


The large ‘win’ and bright pink coat  stands out as it is bold. However it is quite vague as the words in large don’t tell you what exactly to do for example; do you need to have a wishlist? What if you don’t have a wishlist? And where do you share your secret? I also find it would be more successful if their logo (Topshop) was enlarged as it is a missed opportunity because people would be more likely to enter as it is a well recognised brand. There should also be a link for the website, social media page or address where yous end the envelope off. That also brings up the question of where do you get the envelopes? I feel this might make the customer confused to what they should do as it is not straight forward enough. They ad should read “Share your style secret with us and you can win your wishlist. Simply visit our website for more details” This would be easier to understand and the customer could find out the information from the website meaning the advertisement wouldn’t need  much information. I could create an advertisement on my website offering a piece from my collection that users can enter to win by subscribing to my mailing list, which will be sent fortnightly promoting and reaching more customers whilst giving them the possibility of winning the competition. picture2

This advertisement is poor, for such a well-known name and brand to have produced an ill promotional campaign is surprising. The graphics at the top of the image are recognisable as Versace but the bottom portion looks lazy, as the section of writing doesn’t belong to the rest of the advert. The most enticing is the words in gold due to the fitting of the use of gold within the colour palette and how well they stand out. The images at the bottom are not carefully considered and seem to have just been placed at the bottom and doesn’t fit with the concept. The advertisement would have been much stronger and would have represented VersacexH&M more if they were to create all the writing in gold, or created a link users could follow to find out more information making the advertisement neater and not overwhelming. They could have also continued the background to the bottom of the page and removed the images.

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