Peer and Self Assement 

I displayed all my mixed media illustrations on the table for my class to evaluate this the feedback I received;

  • Use nightlife as inspiration
  • Keywords, ornate
  • Scan in some and make digital
  • Clear faces
  • Different faces
  • 3D, more tactile, gems
  • Different outfits
  • Different models
  • Eye mask

These are the types of mixed media I used in my experimentation;

  • Collage
  • Acrylic paint
  • Textiles/fabric
  • Layering
  • Digital

Does my mixed media illustration link with the branding and identity that I want for my collection and target customer? Why?

I feel my mixed media illustrations could be a lot neater in quality to suit my target audience. I have a lot to develop with my illustrations until I achieve my final results. I enjoyed creating my collage and fabric illustration as I feel the 3D element of the illustration is effective. I have since developed it into a further idea by using different bodies underneath which would fit my target audience better. However I still feel as if though it needs more development to be my final logo. All my illustrations will benefit from being digitally developed. I feel digital illustration and my skills are much stronger in this area than using traditional methods to create illustrations. One of the main elements of my collection is digital print and my press pack will suit my collection and target customer much better. I feel as my digital skills are much stronger, my work will look professional and attract my customer whom is a professional herself.

How can I use the mixed media illustration in your branding and identity?

I would like to use my mixed media illustrations to create an original logo, a flyer, illustrations for my look book/ website and an illustration for the phone case merchandise I wish to produce. Using my mixed media will help me to create unusual ideas that I might not have thought. My mixed media experiments, if consistent with my brand identity, can make the brand more recognizable.

What was successful about your mixed media experimentation?

The most successful experiments were the textile samples and the more toned down illustrations as I found these were much easier to develop in lots of different ways. The abstract illustrations didn’t seem to suit my target audience or my collection, although all featured the same colour palette. My mixed media illustrations will help me to come up with concepts for my press pack and can be edited digitally to create stringer mixed media experiments.

How many experiments did you produce? Reflect on the time this took you- could you produce more?

I created 5 mixed media experiments they took me approximately 2-3 hours. I feel I could produce more as I need as many experiments to be able to create content so I can easily design material for my for my press pack. Having a lot of experiments means I will be able to easily create promotional material much faster; without needing to go back and do an experiment each time. when I need to create something.

Explain challenges you came across and problem areas. Implement solutions or areas to develop

I found it quite difficult to create ideas for a luxury concept as I usually create abstract and unusual illustrations, so creating a luxury illustration was a learning curve for me. A lot of my illustrations were still abstract so I need to find a way to develop them to fit within the luxury market. I enjoy creating digital illustrations so experimenting with filters, digital effects, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop will improve my mixed media and hopefully improve the experiments I am not keen on.

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