Project Proposal

What will your Press Pack consist of? What promotional tools and techniques will you use?

For my Press Pack I will create a logo, garment labels, a website and a business card.  I am going to create a photo-shoot which will be presented through a digitally printed look book and also be available online. I will also produce swing tags to accompany my garments. From my photo-shoot I will create a fashion film to convey the mood of my collection and also create social media pages such as Instagram and Facebook. I would like to create boomerang videos, which are available on Instagram, I feel these are really popular and always catch my eye when I’m scrolling on the app. I want to design a launch party as my target customer often attends glamorous events this would be something that would interest her so I would also need to create a demure invitation to get her attention. For my packaging my customer is someone who really enjoys luxury and attention to detail so I would package my garments into boxes which would be wrapped in tissue paper would my branding and a sticker with my logo would conceal the paper together. They would then be put into a branded gift bag. I want to create merchandise for my collection such as a key ring, phone case and an event wristband for my launch party.  I will use traditional techniques creating mixed media pieces to use and be edited digitally to create my promotional material. I will use paints, gold leaf, collage techniques and manipulate them in Photoshop.

What is the name of your collection?

The name of my collection is Decadent Drama. It is an evening wear collection for women inspired by the opulent lifestyle of the 15th century monarch using digital print and a strong colour palette of gold and forest green.  I chose the name Decadent Drama because of the extravagance and drama of the royal family in the 15th century. Decadence fits in with their over the top interiors and garments covered in jewels and rich colours. I used my research of the Monarch, Elizabeth the 1st and Henry the 8th and also the research from the various museums I attended and the Liverpool town hall which has original décor.

Briefly describe your target customer?

My target customer is glamorous, sophisticated and she has a disposable income. She always goes out to dinner, parties and events so requires evening wear that matches her luxurious and opulent style. My target customer is 30 years old and a Senior Fashion buyer for a well-known company. My target customer relates to my collection as my clothing is evening wear yet it is more suited to an older clientele than younger women as it is more stylish and sophisticated Something to wear for events rather than a party, as a younger audience are more interested in garments to wear to go out to parties rather than a unique outfit for an event.

Describe the style of branding you have chosen? Why did you choose this style of brand?? Analyse how the branding fits with the target customer for your collection?

The style of branding I have chosen is glamorous, embellished, using fabrics and pieces from my collection such as the prints I have made. Techniques I will use will be digital as my collection is full of digital print and my target customer is very modern. My branding will be very feminine and opulent to attract my target customer, it will feel luxurious and will make my target customer feel special as I will put in a lot of attention to detail to make her feel a connection and love for my brand. It will be quite demure, sophisticated but with an edgy almost Gothic twist. Materials I will use will be leather (that I have used within my collection), velvet paper, metallic papers and glossy paper this will enable me to have a more sense of luxury as the materials. I will use various luxury papers, fabrics and digital techniques in my colour scheme of gold and dark green to represent the style of my branding.I will laser cut chandelier shapes to represent the main symbol of my collection which has been used in my digital prints and through out my primary research for my collection. I will mix materials, media and techniques together by manipulating my mixed media illustrations on Photoshop to create branding materials such as phone cases, invites and a flyer.

What Marketing strategies do you hope to you to promote your collection?

To reach my target customer who is always on the go so relies on her phone to see the latest campaigns. She is very tech savvy and likes everything at her fingertips, connecting to my digital techniques in my branding identity. She often collects business cards from the vast majority of events she attends so she needs eye catching ones to stand out to her. I will create designs that are more 3D that will ignite the sense to touch out of unusual materials rather than the flat usual printed business cards but would like to still experiment to completely decide my identity. Techniques using digital formats such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and laser cutting will be used in my marketing strategies to create a professional , luxury look for my brand.

What season will the collection be for? How will you reflect the season in your Promotional branding?

The season I am looking at is Autumn/Winter 2018 this will show in the branding by the materials I use such as leather and crepe. I will also be using darker more opulent colours which are not worn in the Summer for example my strong dark green and gold colour palette. These will help to define my season.

What will you use your sketchbook for? Analyse: journey, layout and critical analysis.

I will use my sketchbook to map my journey by using it to show my experimentation, I will create also a lot of drawn designs, story boards and digitally completed prototypes to help communicate and produce ideas. My layout will be quite sleek as I want my sketchbook and work to look professional. In my sketchbook I will use acetate to create a layered effect, and key words to help show my feelings and thought process. I will use collage techniques and lots of gold papers to show the strong influence of gold in my collection and sketchbook. I will critically analyse the journey of my sketchbook through my online blog.

What intentions do you have for photography/photo shoots and or video image making ideas? How will these target the customer? How will you ensure these methods and techniques match the style of branding you hope to achieve?

For my photo-shoot I would like to create a shoot that will evoke a glamorous lifestyle showing my model entering parties, drinking at dinner tables, getting ready and enjoying nightlife. These will be similar to my target customers lifestyle making her think that my collection is the one she wants to wear because it will live up to her busy lifestyle. These methods and techniques will promote the luxurious side of life reflecting upon my inspiration of the modernised opulent lifestyle of the monarch in the Elizabethan era. I will use styling and still life as well as using a model to show my brand identity. I will use high contrast editing of colours to create a surreal and airbrushed look. I will research iconic photographers such as Juergen Teller and Mario Sorrentino.

Evaluation & Progression- How will you continuously evaluate your progress throughout this project? Why is reflection important? How will you critically evaluate?

I will evaluate my progress each week to allow me to critically see my successful and unsuccessful work which will help me to determine what can be developed and improved to establish me to create a better more informed Press Pack. I think reflection is important as sometimes you can be stuck on a few ideas and not sure where to go by being pushing yourself to be critical about the likes and dislikes of your work you can start to understand what is working, what suits your collection and what can be done to produce better work. I will critically evaluate my work by suggesting what my likes and dislikes about my collection are, what could be improved, how I could improve it and how it suits my collection/target customer. For experimentation’s I will use the same method but also create a rating system where I will rate my experiments out of 5 I have used this before and found it effective to help me choose the most successful idea and helped me discover what wasn’t working.

 I will look at photographers, designers and stylists who have a high end clientele as this will help me to create a branding identity that will attract a high end target market. I will research fashion films by high end designers and sophisticated brands to inspire my fashion film. All high end designers have a fashion film and I would be missing my target market if I did not, a fashion film will help set the mood of my collection helping my target market to recognise and learn about my brand.  They inspire me because of their unique outlook on the fashion industry and that they continue to create interesting campaigns constantly that suit their high end clients. 




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