Action Plan

7/02- Refine and finalise business cards, produce photo-shoot and start to collate a look book. Record some clips from shoot to use in fashion film.

I managed to refine and finalize my business card, I produced a photo shoot and collected footage for my film. Unfortunately, I did not start editing my look book as I would like to use InDesign as I feel it would look more professional.  I do not have that program so I will start my look book on the 14th in the mean time I will edit my images. 

14/02-Work on packaging ideas, create phone case design, send off phone case design so it is ready for the deadline. Finalise look book, send off to print.

I created blog posts for fashion film inspiration and  I updated and caught up on other blog posts. I edited all of my images from photo shoot and started my look book. I modeled for another students work so I didn’t get to do as much as planned but can catch up in half term.

21/02- Create more content for fashion film, finalise fashion film and upload to blog. Create designs for swing tags, plan launch party event. Create sticker designs and send off.

I couldn’t create my fashion film as I needed public liability wish I am going to try to receive so I can do my fashion film next week before the deadline. I designed my swing tags, fabric labels, key ring, phone case, stickers and notebook. I have sent off for these to be printed. I finished and now have my look book. I have yet to plan the launch party. I have also created a website and YouTube page.

28/02- Create a website and social media pages for brand using images from shoot, fashion film and showing ideas such as inspirations and designs as content.

As I created my website last week, I decided to focus on working on my sketchbook and developing my press pack further. I have planned my fashion film and arranged to shoot in Liverpool Town Hall where the main inspirations of my collection where found. I have planned my launch party, and have received my swing tickets and fabric labels. 

7/03- Finalise all work and packaging, press pack should be finished. Working on improving the look such as last minute details, ensure sketchbook is finished and work on finishing any blog posts and improving analysis.

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