Developing Photographs and Images

This type of collage would be interesting to create with my photoshoot images, I could also use pages from magazines and paint over them to create the same cartoon like feel. However I’m not too sure if this would work with my concept as you never see collage illustrations as part of high-end, luxury collection. I will experiment with this idea anyway to see if I can make them look high end.

I could use this as inspiration to create dripping ‘gold’ by using gold paint and gold leaf. I can use an image of a face related to my collection or similar to my muse. This could be used on invites with the information wrote vertically along the paint drips using photoshop to create this effect. This will show my colour palette which will help the customer recognise my brand due to my strong brand identity.


This image is captivating as the composition is balanced, the colour palette works together and the typography is an interesting extra element. Although this image does not relate to my luxury, glamour brand,I could use one of my photo shoot images with a high brightness and blur to create this effect on Photoshop. Using the name of collection and key words to relate to my brand identity. 

Defining a Brand

mind map.png


  • Logo will be on the sign outside the top of store, giant chandelier logo stickers will be placed on the windows and also chandelier symbols will be dotted around on the tills, tables and changing rooms.
  • My colour scheme will be my strong palette of gold and dark green. Chandeliers will be all over the ceilings and in changing rooms added luxury. The walls will be tiled with Rococo styled tiles in gold.
  • Promotional campaigns will be one off/limited edition accessories make customers feel special for having a rare item they can also become a collectable piece.Monthly in store events such as 20% off everything. Loyalty cards are to receive offers and merchandise.  The stamp is a gold chandelier symbol, if you collect 5 stamps you will receive 30% off, 10 stamps 50% and 20 stamps the customer will get free merchandise.
  • Models will all be pale with ginger/golden hair as the dark colours of my collection and gold will contrast well against the opposite tones making the impact dramatic.
  • My window displays will be of the best pieces of the collection and styled with the collection’s accessories.
  • The In-store displays will be accessorises next
  • My Customer service staff will be friendly, confident and helpful. They will wear a professional amount of make up and always have their hair styled also professionally. They will be glamorous themselves which will reflect the brand identity and target customer.“Branding in fashion is key to helping the customer solve the problem of expressing their individuality within the context of assumed dress codes. If you can’t communicate who you are as a brand and the type of person who would identify with your core values and aesthetic, then you won’t be able to sell it to them.”- Winter, D( 2016) 
  • Their uniform is a crisp white shirt with a nude pencil skirt or nude trousers. They will have the chandelier logo and ‘Decadent Drama’ embroidered on to the left hand breast of their shirt. They will wear nude court heels or nude flats. Their uniform will always be ironed and cleaned with a light or fresh fragrance. This uniform will allow them to look smart, professional and as the nude and white are neutral colours they will not look too busy against the rich gold and dark green. This uniform is presentable to luxury customers who my collection is aiming at.
  • My TV adverts will be my fashion film as I feel this would capture the mood of the collection empowering the wearers confidence. The advertisement will also be shown on loop on TV screens in my store which are considerably placed around the store.
  • Neat and glossy layout, bright lights to show the gold’s in the collection well and lots of mirrors as my glamorous will want to look at themselves and themselves with the collection. Colours will be the main colours of my palette gold and dark green with a strong emphasis on the gold as it reflects the opulence of the collection the best.
  •  The store will smell of light perfume as a strong scent can turn customers away. The scent will be one which reflects the glamorous customers.
  •  Music will be instrumentals of songs at a medium pace, songs will be by artists such as Lana Del Rey as the instrumentals will be dramatic and cinematic. Creating an elegant environment.


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Website Planning


For my website I want it to look as professional as my competitors websites in the attempt of attracting my target market. So I looked at Balmain, House of CB, Marchesa, YSL and Ralph and Russo. I found that the higher end designers have much sleeker websites with a cleaner layout with the focus on a key image from their current campaigns and their brand name. House of CB, which is more affordable, has their website a lot different to the luxury fashion houses as their’s not as clean and is a lot busier. This might be due to the luxury end shoppers preferring a  clean, professional look which suits different people as it is simple to use and you know what you’re seeing is the most important quality of the page they want you to see. Photography is important on all of the designers websites, making it more visual than factual keeping customers interested. For my website I want to take this approach as it is suited to my luxury, glamorous target market. Using a layout to House of CB will likely confuse and disorientate my customer as there is too much going on at the same time. My customer has busy work and personal life so would rather shop on a website which is more visually appealing and easy on the eyes. My website will consist of strong, edited images from my photo-shoot, boomerang videos to keep customers entertained and help them to audience to understand the mood of the collection. I will also be showcasing my fashion film and all about the launch event. This will make my website fun to use, creating a simple interface for busy customers to use both for shopping and leisure. Keeping my text short and snappy and letting the images do the talking will also look much neater on my pages.

Editing my Photoshoot

For my photo shoot editing I needed to make my photographs look luxurious, and pristine. To attract my target market I will need my images to look as high quality as the magazines I have looked at such as Vanity Fair and Vogue.  I wanted my images to look high-octane to capture my customer. I thought it was best to add high contrast to create richness in the photographs and colours. I also increased the brightness as I felt this made the gold leaf and jewelry stand out and glow; as it is one of my main colours this was important. I also airbrushed some of the images with the rubber stamp tool to create a smoother surface so they brightness could catch the eye rather than any slight imperfections of the images.

Creative Marketing Techniques


Jimmy Choo wanted to create a buzz for his brand by carefully placing a gift bag in the middle of the street “The idea was conceived by social media agency FreshNetworks and it is the first time Jimmy Choo has used a social media tool to engage its audience both online and offline simultaneously.”(, 2017) Using a unique technique attracts new and old customers as the idea of winning something for free makes people more likely to work for it. They have all their social media links listed on the advert so you can follow the journey of the shoes which would lead people to tweeting and sharing the pants making it go viral and attracting more of a buzz. I could stick my launch event flyer around the city and leave clues on my website and social media sites it would give the opportunity for people to win an exclusive invite to the launch event as the invites would only be sent out to selected people/companies and the press it would give the chance to someone who is interested in fashion or the event to attend. 


The large ‘win’ and bright pink coat  stands out as it is bold. However it is quite vague as the words in large don’t tell you what exactly to do for example; do you need to have a wishlist? What if you don’t have a wishlist? And where do you share your secret? I also find it would be more successful if their logo (Topshop) was enlarged as it is a missed opportunity because people would be more likely to enter as it is a well recognised brand. There should also be a link for the website, social media page or address where yous end the envelope off. That also brings up the question of where do you get the envelopes? I feel this might make the customer confused to what they should do as it is not straight forward enough. They ad should read “Share your style secret with us and you can win your wishlist. Simply visit our website for more details” This would be easier to understand and the customer could find out the information from the website meaning the advertisement wouldn’t need  much information. I could create an advertisement on my website offering a piece from my collection that users can enter to win by subscribing to my mailing list, which will be sent fortnightly promoting and reaching more customers whilst giving them the possibility of winning the competition. picture2

This advertisement is poor, for such a well-known name and brand to have produced an ill promotional campaign is surprising. The graphics at the top of the image are recognisable as Versace but the bottom portion looks lazy, as the section of writing doesn’t belong to the rest of the advert. The most enticing is the words in gold due to the fitting of the use of gold within the colour palette and how well they stand out. The images at the bottom are not carefully considered and seem to have just been placed at the bottom and doesn’t fit with the concept. The advertisement would have been much stronger and would have represented VersacexH&M more if they were to create all the writing in gold, or created a link users could follow to find out more information making the advertisement neater and not overwhelming. They could have also continued the background to the bottom of the page and removed the images.



I could see my mixed media and branding pieces in Vanity Fair, Vogue and Elle. I believe this is possible because they have a similar target audience to me. They use glamorous models and celebrities and feature interesting stories about things hard working women would find enjoyable to read. Such as the story in the 2nd to bottom image “Jessica Hart Model mogul in the making” and stories about sophiscated fashion. My branding would fit in as it’s is luxury and glamorous it would fit well with vibrant magazine which is rich in colour and context. 

Peer and Self Assement 

I displayed all my mixed media illustrations on the table for my class to evaluate this the feedback I received;

  • Use nightlife as inspiration
  • Keywords, ornate
  • Scan in some and make digital
  • Clear faces
  • Different faces
  • 3D, more tactile, gems
  • Different outfits
  • Different models
  • Eye mask

These are the types of mixed media I used in my experimentation;

  • Collage
  • Acrylic paint
  • Textiles/fabric
  • Layering
  • Digital

Does my mixed media illustration link with the branding and identity that I want for my collection and target customer? Why?

I feel my mixed media illustrations could be a lot neater in quality to suit my target audience. I have a lot to develop with my illustrations until I achieve my final results. I enjoyed creating my collage and fabric illustration as I feel the 3D element of the illustration is effective. I have since developed it into a further idea by using different bodies underneath which would fit my target audience better. However I still feel as if though it needs more development to be my final logo. All my illustrations will benefit from being digitally developed. I feel digital illustration and my skills are much stronger in this area than using traditional methods to create illustrations. One of the main elements of my collection is digital print and my press pack will suit my collection and target customer much better. I feel as my digital skills are much stronger, my work will look professional and attract my customer whom is a professional herself.

How can I use the mixed media illustration in your branding and identity?

I would like to use my mixed media illustrations to create an original logo, a flyer, illustrations for my look book/ website and an illustration for the phone case merchandise I wish to produce. Using my mixed media will help me to create unusual ideas that I might not have thought. My mixed media experiments, if consistent with my brand identity, can make the brand more recognizable.

What was successful about your mixed media experimentation?

The most successful experiments were the textile samples and the more toned down illustrations as I found these were much easier to develop in lots of different ways. The abstract illustrations didn’t seem to suit my target audience or my collection, although all featured the same colour palette. My mixed media illustrations will help me to come up with concepts for my press pack and can be edited digitally to create stringer mixed media experiments.

How many experiments did you produce? Reflect on the time this took you- could you produce more?

I created 5 mixed media experiments they took me approximately 2-3 hours. I feel I could produce more as I need as many experiments to be able to create content so I can easily design material for my for my press pack. Having a lot of experiments means I will be able to easily create promotional material much faster; without needing to go back and do an experiment each time. when I need to create something.

Explain challenges you came across and problem areas. Implement solutions or areas to develop

I found it quite difficult to create ideas for a luxury concept as I usually create abstract and unusual illustrations, so creating a luxury illustration was a learning curve for me. A lot of my illustrations were still abstract so I need to find a way to develop them to fit within the luxury market. I enjoy creating digital illustrations so experimenting with filters, digital effects, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop will improve my mixed media and hopefully improve the experiments I am not keen on.