Brand Competitors


Balmain has been a well-known fashion house since the late 40’s I find it relates well to my brand as they’re glamorous, modern and have very sexy silhouettes. A lot of the shapes are similar to mine for example the flared jumpsuits, plunge necklines and tight fitting dresses. They use rich colours,with embellishment and strong prints.  Their ad campaigns reflect powerful, feminine and beautiful modern women which inspires me for my shoot I think the urban style backgrounds contrast with the theme making it much edgier which reminds me of my previous sketchbooks from the first two assignments.  I would like to base my photo shoot for my look book and press pack of this style I think it would compliment my collection and my target customer who is really into glamorous style with an edge. Their logo is bold and in all capitals promoting their brand as a strong brand whom stands out with confidence.




 Ralph and Russo were the first British designers selected to show at Haute-Couture week in Paris where they proudly and patorically produced a collection in the colours of the British flag. Ralph and Russo do not advertise as the other fashion houses of their calibra, directly, they prefer the word of mouth approach but are active on their social media accounts. Customers book an appointment with the designer, the idea of booking an appointment fits well for the customers who lives a life of luxury as it makes it more exclusive making them feel special. I think I will need to work in the exclusivity into my brand as my target market is quite high end and my target customer will want to feel like the brand is aimed just for her creating and emotional connection. My customer will be invited to an exclusive launch event for my collection giving her and the few selected to view the collection first.


Image result for yves saint laurent logo

Another big house is Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) I find that YSL’s older collections suit my theme much more as I feel their S/S17 collection by Alex does not reflect the style of my collection as it’s quite 1980’s themed the only similarities are the golds, rich colours and plunging necklines.


  1. HOUSE of CB, originally Celeb Boutique are renowned for their sexy bodycon styles. What my brand and House of CB have in common are that are styles are fitted and sexy yet still sophiscated. Their backdrops/ locations for their photoshoots are glamorous and remind me of the Rococo art movement; which my collection has been influenced by. I see the familiarity through the rich colours and the use of gold. The photoshoots are edited with high contrast and vibrancy making them more bold and stand out much stronger. This style of editing is what I can use to my photoshoot as they have a similar target market and reach theirs well by being inspired by their editing and photographic style I will be able to rich my target market also.



Marchesa although very glamorous and feminine I feel that their brand aesthetic is more elegant than sexy. What I can learn from Marchesa is the sense of luxury they know how to create the ideal of optimum lavishness. I also find their instagram photographs inspiring for example the close up shots of shoes and faces with lots of jewellery. I also think images of the making of my collection would be great to add to my website. I find these create a connection with the customer as they feel they are getting an exclusive look of behind the scenes which you don’t always get to see. Relating back to how it will reach my target customer, who revels in the idea of being a special luxury customer. 

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