Final Evaluation

I feel the discussion of my promotional strategies of existing brand and the appraisal for the needs of designers and to be aware of economic, technological and social aspects of diverse fashion markets is the strongest part of my dissertation. as I have selected great references such as Ashish, Brexit and Dolce and Gabbana. All my references are relevant and unbiased as I discussed both sides of the argument. I have also looked at how different designers have used their platform and the opinion of Muslim and non-Muslim people.I have made independent judgements, created articulate arguments through reflection on the effectiveness of promotional campaign and appraisal of my own personal and professional aspirations in support to Personal Development Planning.My promotional campaign is very clear and informed due to the research I have collated. I feel my target customer could be more developed as I feel I haven’t explained it as well as I could have. I feel I have supported my argument well using a lot of reference to other companies I have discussed in my dissertation. I think using a few more examples of the other brands I have written about would have made my argument stronger.

Task 1: SHORT DISSERTATION of 3500 words +/- 10%

Grade I would give myself: 70%-84%(Distinction)

My dissertation is  informative and effective my only downfall is my last chapter, chapter 3, I feel it isn’t as clear and concise as my first two chapters. I struggled to expand on this paragraph but tried to relate it to my arguments and research from my previous chapters to support my promotional strategy. I think next time I will concentrate more on refining my ideas rather than just refining the ideas of others.


Grade I would give myself: 70%-84%(Distinction)

The planning of my magazine is thorough as I have gone in-depth on the details such as the styling, location and hair and makeup. I have critically analysed my reasons for choosing them and why it works with my target audience and chosen magazine ID. I have planned the layout based of ID’s layout to match their audience also and I have also carefully looked at and selected specific font.  Although I have gone in to detail and included test shots I think I could have improved my work by added more test shots of other experiments with locations and props. I think my story board was valuable in creating a good shoot for my magazine as it shows exactly what I need and where to be also to understand the journey of her day so I knew what order to put it in for the magazine.


Grade I would give myself: 70%-84%(Distinction)

I used In-design to create my magazine giving it a more professional look. My magazine layout is very clear and the articles fit in well with my magazine. I think my articles could have been a lot more punchier to suit my younger target audience as they’re quite factual and may not be as fun to read. I feel I have perfectly fulfilled my strategy of normalisation modest dress in the western world as my issue looks like an everyday magazine and it wouldn’t stand out straight away to people as that’s what it’s for. Looking at just the images people would not realise and just see her as a person until the read the articles they would understand the point of the magazine and the stigma. I feel more magazine could benefit from more content but I did want it more visual, however more articles would explain my point more informatively.

Peer critique 

I asked my peer to review my promotional strategy, my magazine, as it will help me to understand for another point of view what worked worked well/ didn’t with my magazine and what I can develop for next time.

I think this magazine is inspirational and unique because of the issue raised and the way in which the message has been conveyed. The visuals and the diary-like entries make the magazine quite personal and interesting. The concept and brand identity are clear throughout and have been conveyed consistently. This magazine matches it’s promotional strategy perfectly, by raising the issue in an everyday setting to make it an relate-able to a diverse range of audiences. The composition is good. Everything from text to visuals have been set out in a way that can be understood easily.  The strong images used and the way they’ve been edited are really effective. This magazine was inspired by ID. This is shown clearly throughout the layout, without it being copied. I think it is effective and will attract the target audiences well. The editing of the images is really effective because the bright colours grab the viewers attention and make them more interested in reading the article.

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