Experimentation with Mixed Media and Fashion Illustration Techniques



For this illustration I was inspired by the Stella McCartney collection campaign images as this was a way I could show my strong colour palette through my mixed media illustrations. I feel I can develop this by using different heads/ bodies, different paint colours and filters on photoshop. This would work well as a flyer to advertise my exclusive brand launch party. 16114743_1141222659310114_5661426525568468320_n

I tried the gold wired shape on the laser cutter but it wouldn’t show up on the computer so I would like to develop this into an illustration I can use in my look book and website to advertise the concept of my collection. This shows my concept as my muse has ginger hair which I developed in my last assignment from the model I used a lot in aesthetica magazine. The image over her face is my primary image of a Rococo inspired cupboard in Liverpool Town Hall. 


After creating this image I was unsure what I could use it for however I feel it could be used as a interesting method for styling in my look book. I will need to edit it to make it fit within the same luxury branding of the rest of my press pack however. I could also traced around the illustration on illustrator, add my prints in, different faces and feet.

Again, this illustration is usual but I feel it does not fit with my target client. This mixed media fits much better with an unusual brand such as Comme De Garsons but isn’t relevant as my designs are more glamorous and elegant.




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