Pen Portrait of Customer

customer imgeas.jpg

Gender: Female

Age range: 30

Job Title: Senior Fashion buyer for a well known company.

What kind of shopper are they? Impulsive shopper.

Budget? Has indispensable income. Usually spends between £100-£1,000 per outfit

Online or in-store? She shops mostly online as she is usually busy but she also likes to shop at events and fashion shows she attends.

Hobbies: She attends lots of events, launch parties, fashion shows and trade shows she also likes to unwind at the Spa.

Where do they live? She currently lives in a luxury apartment around the corner from her office, in a busy city she finds it’s much easier as she travels a lot.

What does she eat? She is always busy so finds herself rushing her food, she usually eats horderves at the events she attends and often goes to dinner so she doesn’t have time to cook unless its a microwave meal.

What do they wear? Due to the events she attends she has and enjoys buying evening wear that is a little bit different as she likes to stand out.

Do they collect anything? She likes to collect all the business cards she receives and complies them all in a organised, colour coordinated portfolio. This keeps her contacts at her finger tips so a strong business card works best to get the company noticed by her.

Favorite Celebrities: Margot Robbie, Nicole Kidman and Kate Middleton

Favorite  Designers: Balmain, Ralph and Russo and Yves Saint Laurent

Here is my visual customer profile in my sketchbook;


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