Model Behavior

I asked my model, Malikah Katayef some questions after the shoot to understand how she feels about being a young Muslim and how she feels about modest fashion.


  1. How does it feel being a young Muslim girl? Do you feel any different to anyone else?

At first when I started senior school it did hit me hard at the differences I may have between me and my non-Muslim friends, and I remember at times I found it hard. However, now maybe because I’m older more mature and maybe just because of the fact that I’ve accepted it as who I am and see all the amazing things about being a Muslim girl I know longer wish I could be any different! Of course there’s differences between me and my friends but once I accepted them I was fine and I’m more than happy and grateful to me a young Muslim girl. After all, everyone’s different in their own ways whether it be personality, race or religion.


2.Do you find it a task to dress fashionable with your hijab or do you enjoy it and find it not hard at all?

In terms of fashion, I love styling my outfits to go with my hijab. It may seem like a task and sometimes it is hard to find modest clothing that meets today’s fashion trends and the trends of my own! But to be honest there does seem that there is a wider range out there available for Muslim girls. It’s just down to one’s fashion sense…

I love fashion and don’t put my religious beliefs as a barrier!

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