Press Pack Mind Map


As my collection is a luxury collection I will benefit from creating a well-thought out website which is clean but still glamorous. I will also create a phone case and a key ring as in the 21st century people are never seen without their phone and key rings show a persons personality they also offer free advertising as a visually strong key ring catches a persons eye. I will also be creating a look book that will collate my photo-shoot and styling images in to a cohesive and creative look book that creates a brand identity and attracts my target customer. I feel badges and magnets will not suit my luxury target audience as she like to go out a lot in the evening and wouldn’t wear badges or have magnets on their fridge as it doesn’t suit their glamorous ascetic. I will be creating a logo, swing tags, fabric labels, business cards, flyer and social media pages. I will also be planning a launch party for my collection which will be advertised on my website and invitations will be sent out only to exclusive individuals such as fashion buyers, socialites, the press and important individuals in fashion. A fashion film will present my vibe to the consumers best as it will be short and snappy, best for a busy lifestyle; which my customer possesses. My packaging will be within the same colour scheme as my collection and will be luxury showing the kind of packaging which my garments will be presented in, in-store.

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