Controversial Adverts

 French AIDS Campaign

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Biomimicmarketing in Shockvertisement
This French advert highlights the saying “you don’t know who you are sleeping with”. These show insects which most people find repulsive which carry diseases and a sting to persuade people to wear a condom as you don’t know what that person could have and give you. This is a campaign for AIDS as it can be deadly if untreated but it best to not get it in the first time as you will have AIDS your whole life. I think this campaign although shocking spreads a positive message I think shocking someone to do something works much better than it being a regular, dull, obvious advert. Shocking adverts are more likely to catch peoples eyes and make them think about the concept much longer and it’s meaning.

PETA Slaughters Humans

PETA have posed a naked human wrapped in a plastic container such as animals like chickens. They are trying to make people understand that humans and animals are the same and if you eat an animal it’s like eating a person. This shock factor tries to rely on the emotional response of a person viewing the campaign in order to to expose empathy from that person. They feel doing this will get their message across much faster as campaigns like this go viral on social media such as the naked woman lying on a dinner plate, also by PETA, went viral. When campaigns go viral they reach more people leading to more people being aware of the issue. This advert looks negative due to the rawness and controversial affect but it is to promote a positive message as the advertisers want to people to care and love animals and not to eat them.

Campaigners from Peta turned heads in Liverpool's Lord Street after stripping nearly naked and lying on a giant plate to encourage shoppers to go vegan this Christmas.Gruesome Shockvertising: Sony PSP Retry Ad


Gruesome Shockvertising

Sony want to convey the message of how realistic and graphic their content is in order to persuade people to buy their consoles. Users prefer console graphics and games which are more real as it makes them feel  more in control, it is used to escape and do things you wouldn’t normally do. Users will enjoy this ad although the images are controversial and seemingly negative. It is meant to entice the user making them believe their graphics and console are higher quality providing a real feel. This ad aims to persuade users to buy their console over their competitors. (2017). Top 50 Shockvertisements. [online] Available at: [Accessed 17 Jan. 2017].
Dunn, C. (2017). This is why a naked woman was spotted lying on a plate in Liverpool city centre. [online] mirror. Available at: [Accessed 17 Jan. 2017].

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