Selecting and Editing my Final Images

To select my final images I firstly categorised my photographs into groups for example the locations; McDonald s, bus stop, Asda and at home. This made it easier to edit my images and select the best ones.  A lot of my images were very similar but I found the best ones to be the close ups, ones from behind and images of the scenery such as the food and items in the trolley. I think these are the most exceptional images as they look more real whereas the others you can see it was a shoot and planned. The images I selected look as if she was caught off guard and didn’t know the image was taken which is the effect I wanted as I wanted my viewers to see the reality of her day not something she would or another regular person wouldn’t do for example I wouldn’t have her wearing a ball gown and drinking champagne as it is not something everyone does and it wouldn’t fit with my issue-conscious but effortlessly casual target market. This would not be normalisation it would just be maybe too controversial and it is also over used by ad campaigns;it would not true to the target customer or my model.


The editing for my images was quite simplistic as I still wanted  a natural effect to my photographs but to reach my target audience, 16-25, I wanted to make them more visually exciting so I added the highest amount of vibrancy and some saturation to make them brighter and make the colours bolder to draw the customer to look and evaluate the images. I also added Brightness and Contrast for the same effect to get the most out of my images.




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