Trend Research

Although I couldn’t find any trends directly related with Brexit I looked at A/W trends as it is the season I am creating a collection for. I found a section in the Infusion A/W 17/18 trend which is called design for diversity which reminds me of the hate post and after Brexit. Its about designing for everyone not just one group of people such as people are wanting Britain to be Britain again which means just British people leaving there and not accepting other cultures or colours.


Another trend which doesn’t directly relate to my collection but has a similar theme is The Thinker A/W 18/19 which is called Master Craft which is reminds me of the previous Artisan trend for 16/17 as it is about crafting products by hand rather than outsourcing to other countries or by machine going back to traditional roots. I  think this is important for Britain to show they’re strong country who can survive without the EU by creating their own materials and resources rather than going to now not so cheaper EU Countries anymore.



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