Brand Competitors


Balmain has been a well-known fashion house since the late 40’s I find it relates well to my brand as they’re glamorous, modern and have very sexy silhouettes. A lot of the shapes are similar to mine for example the flared jumpsuits, plunge necklines and tight fitting dresses. They use rich colours,with embellishment and strong prints.  Their ad campaigns reflect powerful, feminine and beautiful modern women which inspires me for my shoot I think the urban style backgrounds contrast with the theme making it much edgier which reminds me of my previous sketchbooks from the first two assignments.  I would like to base my photo shoot for my look book and press pack of this style I think it would compliment my collection and my target customer who is really into glamorous style with an edge. Their logo is bold and in all capitals promoting their brand as a strong brand whom stands out with confidence.




 Ralph and Russo were the first British designers selected to show at Haute-Couture week in Paris where they proudly and patorically produced a collection in the colours of the British flag. Ralph and Russo do not advertise as the other fashion houses of their calibra, directly, they prefer the word of mouth approach but are active on their social media accounts. Customers book an appointment with the designer, the idea of booking an appointment fits well for the customers who lives a life of luxury as it makes it more exclusive making them feel special. I think I will need to work in the exclusivity into my brand as my target market is quite high end and my target customer will want to feel like the brand is aimed just for her creating and emotional connection. My customer will be invited to an exclusive launch event for my collection giving her and the few selected to view the collection first.


Image result for yves saint laurent logo

Another big house is Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) I find that YSL’s older collections suit my theme much more as I feel their S/S17 collection by Alex does not reflect the style of my collection as it’s quite 1980’s themed the only similarities are the golds, rich colours and plunging necklines.


  1. HOUSE of CB, originally Celeb Boutique are renowned for their sexy bodycon styles. What my brand and House of CB have in common are that are styles are fitted and sexy yet still sophiscated. Their backdrops/ locations for their photoshoots are glamorous and remind me of the Rococo art movement; which my collection has been influenced by. I see the familiarity through the rich colours and the use of gold. The photoshoots are edited with high contrast and vibrancy making them more bold and stand out much stronger. This style of editing is what I can use to my photoshoot as they have a similar target market and reach theirs well by being inspired by their editing and photographic style I will be able to rich my target market also.



Marchesa although very glamorous and feminine I feel that their brand aesthetic is more elegant than sexy. What I can learn from Marchesa is the sense of luxury they know how to create the ideal of optimum lavishness. I also find their instagram photographs inspiring for example the close up shots of shoes and faces with lots of jewellery. I also think images of the making of my collection would be great to add to my website. I find these create a connection with the customer as they feel they are getting an exclusive look of behind the scenes which you don’t always get to see. Relating back to how it will reach my target customer, who revels in the idea of being a special luxury customer. 

Final Evaluation

I feel the discussion of my promotional strategies of existing brand and the appraisal for the needs of designers and to be aware of economic, technological and social aspects of diverse fashion markets is the strongest part of my dissertation. as I have selected great references such as Ashish, Brexit and Dolce and Gabbana. All my references are relevant and unbiased as I discussed both sides of the argument. I have also looked at how different designers have used their platform and the opinion of Muslim and non-Muslim people.I have made independent judgements, created articulate arguments through reflection on the effectiveness of promotional campaign and appraisal of my own personal and professional aspirations in support to Personal Development Planning.My promotional campaign is very clear and informed due to the research I have collated. I feel my target customer could be more developed as I feel I haven’t explained it as well as I could have. I feel I have supported my argument well using a lot of reference to other companies I have discussed in my dissertation. I think using a few more examples of the other brands I have written about would have made my argument stronger.

Task 1: SHORT DISSERTATION of 3500 words +/- 10%

Grade I would give myself: 70%-84%(Distinction)

My dissertation is  informative and effective my only downfall is my last chapter, chapter 3, I feel it isn’t as clear and concise as my first two chapters. I struggled to expand on this paragraph but tried to relate it to my arguments and research from my previous chapters to support my promotional strategy. I think next time I will concentrate more on refining my ideas rather than just refining the ideas of others.


Grade I would give myself: 70%-84%(Distinction)

The planning of my magazine is thorough as I have gone in-depth on the details such as the styling, location and hair and makeup. I have critically analysed my reasons for choosing them and why it works with my target audience and chosen magazine ID. I have planned the layout based of ID’s layout to match their audience also and I have also carefully looked at and selected specific font.  Although I have gone in to detail and included test shots I think I could have improved my work by added more test shots of other experiments with locations and props. I think my story board was valuable in creating a good shoot for my magazine as it shows exactly what I need and where to be also to understand the journey of her day so I knew what order to put it in for the magazine.


Grade I would give myself: 70%-84%(Distinction)

I used In-design to create my magazine giving it a more professional look. My magazine layout is very clear and the articles fit in well with my magazine. I think my articles could have been a lot more punchier to suit my younger target audience as they’re quite factual and may not be as fun to read. I feel I have perfectly fulfilled my strategy of normalisation modest dress in the western world as my issue looks like an everyday magazine and it wouldn’t stand out straight away to people as that’s what it’s for. Looking at just the images people would not realise and just see her as a person until the read the articles they would understand the point of the magazine and the stigma. I feel more magazine could benefit from more content but I did want it more visual, however more articles would explain my point more informatively.

Peer critique 

I asked my peer to review my promotional strategy, my magazine, as it will help me to understand for another point of view what worked worked well/ didn’t with my magazine and what I can develop for next time.

I think this magazine is inspirational and unique because of the issue raised and the way in which the message has been conveyed. The visuals and the diary-like entries make the magazine quite personal and interesting. The concept and brand identity are clear throughout and have been conveyed consistently. This magazine matches it’s promotional strategy perfectly, by raising the issue in an everyday setting to make it an relate-able to a diverse range of audiences. The composition is good. Everything from text to visuals have been set out in a way that can be understood easily.  The strong images used and the way they’ve been edited are really effective. This magazine was inspired by ID. This is shown clearly throughout the layout, without it being copied. I think it is effective and will attract the target audiences well. The editing of the images is really effective because the bright colours grab the viewers attention and make them more interested in reading the article.

Techniques using photography to

Photography and Typography


Using keywords and branding merged with photography to make their campaign more recognisable and identifiable. This is a fun way to target customers as it states brand values and promotes positivity  dependant on the words used. I feel this ad campaign is positive due to the bright yellow-orange words and smiling face of the model. As the image has been adjusted to black and white the colour of the words and brand logo really stand out. I will use this idea using keywords of my concept and words my target customer would identify with such as glamour and opulence. This would be interesting to use on a flyer for my launch party I want to have in my press pack as it will be straight to the point and be noticeable. It will link to my concept because I will use the colour scheme of my collection; dark green and gold. I will also use a model that is similar to the muse I have been using throughout my collection which is the red-haired model that I found in Aesthetica magazine. See Below. 



Layered Collage 


It works well as it is interesting as it is not a usual take on a photo-shoot or something you’d see in a normal magazine which is why it catches your eye. I think they are advertising a minimal collection with simplistic details and they are trying to highlight the details by selecting the best image and adding it the middle of the model.The black and white effect also reads to me this theme as it allows the garments and details to stand out rather than the colours. I also feel the sheer garment on top of the photograph of the model wearing an an opaque garment makes you think that the sheer blouse is possibly underneath the jacket, giving the customer a glimpse of the whole outfit but in an original way.




I feel although this technique is almost quite simplistic due to the plain looking styling of the models the projection contrasts well as it promotes the concept of the theme. I can see that the first images collection is heavily inspired by butterflies and the bottom image is also floral with a rose theme.  I am unaware what they are advertising I presume it’s for a fashion collection but the bottom image is quite hard to see what they are selling it seems more like a campaign promoting the brand as their is more emphasis on the shadow of the rose. I also notice their model choice is the very famous model and actress Lily Cole so their brand must be quite well known and big or are targeting customers who know models such as Lily Cole and interested in pop culture. The style of branding is photographic and uses the technique projection to project their theme either onto the models garment or onto a wall.


I would like to use mixed media and fashion illustrations on my merchandise for my press pack such as a on a phone case as my target customer has a very social lifestyle and always wants to look good. I would also like to experiment with illustrations to create a unique logo for my brand. As my collection and concept is very detailed, luxurious and glamorous looking I feel using a mixed media approach will enable my press pack to be more recognizable. It will fit both my target customer and concept as it will be more personal and look expensive as it will be classy but still fun due to the style of illustrations I will create.


Experimentation with Mixed Media and Fashion Illustration Techniques



For this illustration I was inspired by the Stella McCartney collection campaign images as this was a way I could show my strong colour palette through my mixed media illustrations. I feel I can develop this by using different heads/ bodies, different paint colours and filters on photoshop. This would work well as a flyer to advertise my exclusive brand launch party. 16114743_1141222659310114_5661426525568468320_n

I tried the gold wired shape on the laser cutter but it wouldn’t show up on the computer so I would like to develop this into an illustration I can use in my look book and website to advertise the concept of my collection. This shows my concept as my muse has ginger hair which I developed in my last assignment from the model I used a lot in aesthetica magazine. The image over her face is my primary image of a Rococo inspired cupboard in Liverpool Town Hall. 


After creating this image I was unsure what I could use it for however I feel it could be used as a interesting method for styling in my look book. I will need to edit it to make it fit within the same luxury branding of the rest of my press pack however. I could also traced around the illustration on illustrator, add my prints in, different faces and feet.

Again, this illustration is usual but I feel it does not fit with my target client. This mixed media fits much better with an unusual brand such as Comme De Garsons but isn’t relevant as my designs are more glamorous and elegant.




Pen Portrait of Customer

customer imgeas.jpg

Gender: Female

Age range: 30

Job Title: Senior Fashion buyer for a well known company.

What kind of shopper are they? Impulsive shopper.

Budget? Has indispensable income. Usually spends between £100-£1,000 per outfit

Online or in-store? She shops mostly online as she is usually busy but she also likes to shop at events and fashion shows she attends.

Hobbies: She attends lots of events, launch parties, fashion shows and trade shows she also likes to unwind at the Spa.

Where do they live? She currently lives in a luxury apartment around the corner from her office, in a busy city she finds it’s much easier as she travels a lot.

What does she eat? She is always busy so finds herself rushing her food, she usually eats horderves at the events she attends and often goes to dinner so she doesn’t have time to cook unless its a microwave meal.

What do they wear? Due to the events she attends she has and enjoys buying evening wear that is a little bit different as she likes to stand out.

Do they collect anything? She likes to collect all the business cards she receives and complies them all in a organised, colour coordinated portfolio. This keeps her contacts at her finger tips so a strong business card works best to get the company noticed by her.

Favorite Celebrities: Margot Robbie, Nicole Kidman and Kate Middleton

Favorite  Designers: Balmain, Ralph and Russo and Yves Saint Laurent

Here is my visual customer profile in my sketchbook;


Controversial Fashion Adverts

Dazed Digital, Calvin Klein, campaign, Steven Meisel

This advert for Calvin Klein received lots of backlash in 1995 for this image series. It was due to the youthful appearance of their models in sexually provocative poses showing lots of skin. They were also in a wood panelled basement(Dazed, 2017) giving you the idea that they’ve been locked in there by a pervert. The aim is to sell their denim range  to presumably young fashionable adults showing attractive models makes the wearer feel that they too will look like Kate Moss if they bought a pair of Calvin Klein’s Jeans. Personally for my being a young adult I do not find these images shocking, I do find them quite provocative but I can understand how someone older could find these images are too sexually-charged as a lot of the models have open legs, not wearing bras and showing their underwear/chests.  They have used a range of marketing techniques such as celebrity endorsement which makes someone who for example idolises Kate Moss will want to purchase the jeans to be like her.Another technique used is to create a series of images with different models and garments but in the same setting which is versatile I feel this would be more successfully if the images were individual images rather than cubed together. It would look more eye catching if they had the most successful photographs lined up next to one another than that have a square with lots of images as it’s too busy. They have also used a ladder as a prop I think this is due to them being in a basement and mixed with the denim it gives me a workmen vibe. However I feel it is unsuccessful because it’s hard to understand the concept of them putting a ladder there not sure if its to promote their clothes to the working class.

Dazed Digital, United Colours of Benetton campaign, advert

The aim of this campaign is to show awareness of domestic violence I think the ad is successfully but it would be more successful to show both a male and female as both genders can/have experiences domestic violence. United Colours of Benetton have used play on words to remind consumers who the brand is to be able to identify them, but also gave them a clear informative message.  This message promotes emotion as it makes you sympathetic for sufferers and victims of domestic abuse it also shows people who are suffering that it is wrong. Marketing techniques used are the scars and bruises to show the “Colours of Domestic Violence”. I think this ad targets women who are going through abuse or people who may notice others who have signs of abuse. Although there are various types of abuse this ad targets the physical kind as it is making an association with the colours of the bruises and scares sufferers receive.


Dazed Digital, Gucci, Gender, campaign

The aim for this ad is to sell men’s suits presumably I feel this is because the male model seems to have control over the female model lying on his lap.It is  suggesting if you buy a suit by Gucci you will have control over gorgeous submissive  women which is oppressing. I think this ad is very controversial as it displays the type of inequality women have been fighting for generations and still do; as the rise of feminism have accelerated  more in the last few years with the help of Social media.  It is quite shocking and sad to still see women portrayed that they are the weaker sex in adverts. The brand is Gucci and the impact of the ad would be that people who buy Gucci or would like to would find them to be quite sexist rather than having an campaign without the women model or featuring a more positive relationship. She is just saw how a lot of women are seen as “arm candy” rather than her own person. The only customers whom would relate are men who like to be in control, look smart and want beautiful women; which they currently aren’t getting without their Gucci suit. The people who view this ad and don’t see the sexism in it would just see it more as playful, sexy and not really look into it. I believe Gucci like to sell a lifestyle as much as any luxury designer and the target audience is usually rich men or men who want to “have it all”.



Dazed. (2017). Controversial fashion ads. [online] Available at: [Accessed 17 Jan. 2017].

Customer Profile

customer profile.jpg

My target customer is someone who is between the ages of 16-25 they peacefully protest for the rights of themselves and others. They care about all issues and believe in equality, they were surprised by  the racism and xenophobia that came with Brexit but are not too aware how it has affected Muslims, the stigma and what is being done to combat the stigma. I am aiming my magazine at the under generation as I feel they are more understanding for example  under-25s were more than twice as likely to vote Remain (71%) than Leave (29%) in the Brexit referendum. By targeting younger people I will have a wider audience more empathetic audience who may not understand the stigma as well but are open to learn.



Moore, P.(2016).How Britain Voted.

Available from:

[Accessed: 23rd January 2017]

Model Behavior

I asked my model, Malikah Katayef some questions after the shoot to understand how she feels about being a young Muslim and how she feels about modest fashion.


  1. How does it feel being a young Muslim girl? Do you feel any different to anyone else?

At first when I started senior school it did hit me hard at the differences I may have between me and my non-Muslim friends, and I remember at times I found it hard. However, now maybe because I’m older more mature and maybe just because of the fact that I’ve accepted it as who I am and see all the amazing things about being a Muslim girl I know longer wish I could be any different! Of course there’s differences between me and my friends but once I accepted them I was fine and I’m more than happy and grateful to me a young Muslim girl. After all, everyone’s different in their own ways whether it be personality, race or religion.


2.Do you find it a task to dress fashionable with your hijab or do you enjoy it and find it not hard at all?

In terms of fashion, I love styling my outfits to go with my hijab. It may seem like a task and sometimes it is hard to find modest clothing that meets today’s fashion trends and the trends of my own! But to be honest there does seem that there is a wider range out there available for Muslim girls. It’s just down to one’s fashion sense…

I love fashion and don’t put my religious beliefs as a barrier!