Fashion Communication

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Fashion is communicated mostly visually through magazines, billboards, social media, television adverts, fashion shows, visual merchandising, viral videos and blogs. It can also be communicated through writing such as fashion articles and fashion journalism such as coverage of whats going on in fashion and fashion show coverage. Fashion communication can be used to create editorials and photo shoots which will target the audience they want to sell too the same designer garments/models will also be used but will be styled to fit the target audience such as for iD will style it edgy, cool and more natural and Vogue will have styled the models/garments more glamorous, opulent and luxurious. This will sell the garments to different market ranges/customers. Fashion brands also convey the image they would like to sell to customers providing images of a lifestyle/models/ celebrities they aspire too making them feel that if they wore that garment they would look like them and feel they have that lifestyle which is attractive to the customer.




I have looked at Roberto Cavalli Pre-Fall 2017 collection, They have used more contemporary communication mediums to advertise this collection such as through their Instagram page, Facebook page, billboards in major cities, magazines, website and also use live streams of their shows to attract customers who can’t come to their show.picture6



There are a lot of articles written about them also, so they get a lot of press and advertisement through websites such as Vogue runways and WGSN. The only advertises their perfumes on television, bus stops and billboards in most countries as perfume is a more affordable luxury for most people but their collections as they are luxurious and expensive are only advertised in big fashion capitals such as New York and London.



I find that they prefer to use more contemporary means of communication as they’re very active on social media and have a large social media presence. This makes me assume that there target audience is someone who is social media savvy, younger; 25 and above.picture3


Someone who is too busy to look for Fashion and prefers to have the information on their phone which is right at their finger tips for example how they offer the live streams and have the click to action ‘Shop now’ button on their Facebook page. On their website they also recommended you sign up to receive email updates again shows how they can target the busy but social lifestyle of their target customer. They use the hashtag tool to create a buzz around the collection making it also a lot easier to find.




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