Peer Illustration Handouts

For this part of the assignment we were all in charge of coming up with an illustration technique and writing a hand out for it.

Fabric and Acetate Collage 

This technique is a technique I have never done before but had saw in my peers sketchbook. Its unique and the acetate reminds me of like looking into a window. I used the same colour fabric as the green in my collection and used gold thread stitching to create the mosaic details on my skirt to resemble my design. I also used the model from the Aesthetica magazine as she is the model I used in my last few illustrations in the last one. I like her look and feel it fits with my collection as she is natural and quite moody yet still feminine; she makes my designs stand out due to this.  This works well because of the use of mixed media it is like a collage with the different materials. However I think the colours on the page make the skirt look duller and think I could have used gold fabric or my print fabric and dark green thread instead. I feel the contrast of a lighter colour on a dull colour schemed image would stand out more.To make it more 3D and reflect the opulence theme I could have also  sewn beads and small gems underneath the acetate.

Traditional Collage mixed with Digital Collage

I thought this technique was fascinating the mix of traditional collage mixed with digital collage seem to blend together I believe this is because of using the printed images of your prints and the glossy magazine images. The lines of print behind my illustration remind me of the mosaic ceiling I found in Liverpool Town Hall;  which also inspired my tube skirt and show more relation back to my research and print. As the shape on the face in the handout is more of a geometric collection and mine is not, I thought drawing an abstract chandelier, which is forming to be the motif of my collection, as I have used it a lot through my print and elements for example the chandelier inspired neckline creates great association with the rest of my collection and keeps it consistent.

Continuous Line 

Although I have used the continuous line technique before I find you can come up with different ideas each time to create unusual concepts. Again, I used the same models face to relate it back to my theme. The face is completely different on each piece; you can see which one I had the most time to complete.

Repeat Circle Technique

I was most interested to create this illustration as the style is fun, unusual and I haven’t created nothing like this in my project. I believe it works well as the repeat pattern also reflects the repeat style both my prints posses.  However I did find it frustrating to align them correctly as some of them are higher than one another I feel there must be a more easy way to create this technique so it is more accurate and symmetrical. I also cut out a circle in the middle as the skirts overlapping each other looked messy and this style is quite neat so it didn’t match the style of illustration.

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