Life Drawing 

To warm up we firstly started drawing the mannequin in continuous line. I wasn’t really happy with my first continuous line with my right hand as it didn’t look realistic and seemed out of proportion.


The second continuous line drawings was to use our opposite hand, my left hand. the most interesting element of creating continuous line drawings is going over sections over and over again as it seems to add depth to the image making these parts stand out which is why I prefer my left hand drawing more. It is also unrealistic but it seems more inspired than my first drawing.


For the next drawing we were given a hand out. We used various mediums such as pencils, markers and fine liners to create shadow, low lights and high lights. To relate to my collection theme I think I should of used my colour palette of gold and dark green as the colours I used remind me more of a technology themed collection due to the vibrant blue and orange as they make her look almost like a robot which isn’t what I want to communicate. My drawing doesn’t look anything like the handout I think this is because I was too neat and not expression-ate as much as the drawing in the hand out which would have made my drawing look a lot more creatively.


This was the most exciting technique I used, it is a mixed media technique. We used masking tape to create the outline of the silhouette of the mannequin. Then we were meant to use the marker to highlight the points of the mannequin of which she had light reflected on her but I missed out the step accidentally and poured the ink on her first I managed to fill in some gaps of light where it hit her body. I am pleasantly happy with how this one turned out I think I loosened up more after creating a few and was able to be more creative and fluid with my work. The contrast of thin and thick lines add to the depth of the image and create for a more real shape. The contrast of bright white and midnight black also work well together creating a harsh but eye catching colour palette the orange highlight mixes in perfectly with the colours also creating something I feel looks professional, more mature than my previous work and resembles the demure attitude I want my collection to evoke.

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