Laser Cutting

For my laser cutting I wanted to laser cut the main motif that has been used consistently in my collection; a chandelier. Which has been used on my prints, and inspired my necklines and silhouettes. I would like to use laser printing and my chandelier on my accessory to incorporate my theme more into every element of my collection.

We first tried it on thin cardboard/paper to test the scale, look and design. It worked really well on the cardboard/paper and cut straight through but when I tried it on calico some of the thinner pieces were too thin  on areas were there was more detail so they fell off. For my final test I used a stretch paper lame I was worried the stretch of the fabric would distort the shape but it didn’t and it turned out exactly how I wanted it too as the fabric was thick enough to hold the shape and detail without it being burnt off or falling off. It also looks a lot more ornate and similar to the chandliers I found in the town hall.

Screen Printing

When we first started the screen printing process it didn’t work the first time as it was not exposed enough when it was put on the UV bed. I wish I would have tried a different image and not just used a close up of my life drawing as some of the lines are quite thin and spontaneous. I would have preferred to use one of my prints such as the repeated chandeliers as I would have got a better idea if I wanted to use screen printing or digital printing. The negatives about digital printing is that I would have to wait a few days for the fabric to come but it would be all done for me and I can carry on printing more if I ran out. Whereas with screen printing you can have your fabric straight away but it would take a while to print all over the fabric and I might not be able to print on the fabrics that I want  to print such as Chiffon. I am happy to have tried and tested both methods but I think I will stick with the digital method as it reflects more my modernised theme and screen printing looks more traditional.


Draping is a hands on way you can come up with new silhouettes and and shapes by manipulating materials such as paper and fabric on a mannequin. With draping you can drape any sort of material such as I have here with a laser cut chandelier I made this helped me to identify where I can place the shape and how it would look on a garment/person. I also wanted to manipulate fabric to see if I could recreate the shapes I have used on my designs to see how they would work and what they would look like. Here I have created the chandelier like shape on the neckline but it doesn’t appear how I want it too. The fabric was hard to move as it was stretchy not at all like the leather I plan to use the only similarity was is that it is the same colour. This shape is quite complicated so I thought it would be interesting to use fabrics I hadn’t thought about using for this piece but now I know I defiantly want to use faux leather fabric as it is more sturdy and a non-stretch.

I then attempted a style which looked almost weaved but I think this would be hard to recreate as it would take a long time to hand sew the fabric in places as I wouldn’t be able to do it as invisible as I can with hand sewing. I then tried to recreate my second look of my collection the Cape style neckline dress with hip gathers. I tried different Cape styles to see if I could come up with any designs I think the first Cape works well as it is as structured as the skirt and The chandelier like neckline.I then attempted a style which looked almost weaved but I think this would be hard to recreate as it would take a long time to hand sew the fabric in places as I wouldn’t be able to do it as invisible as I can with hand sewing.

I then tried to recreate my second look of my collection the Cape style neckline dress with hip gathers. I tried different Cape styles to see if I could come up with any designs I think the first Cape works well as it is as structured as the skirt and The chandelier like neckline. Although I like the structure of the first Cape I feel this might be too dramatic for my collection as it would be broad on the shoulders so I feel the second one is a lot more feminine and glamorous as it is soft and gathered giving the shoulders a rounder effect but still has the fullness to make it dramatic but not as much as the first one. I think the first one would be more aesthetically pleasing if the Cape was just on one side rather than on both as it would allow the other shoulder to be more open and allow for a strappy draped,glamorous dress or jumpsuit underneath.

I also attempted to recreate the side hip drapes; they turned out great I think this will enable me to be able to drape and draw to come up with new ideas seeing it physically on a female form rather than just drawing or imagining it as I can see how it fits and looks.

The shawl like drape around the neck was a spur of the moment idea but the style works well it is interesting as it is quite different than the rest of my design ideas but I can see how I can dress the look underneath so it fits with my collection such as a figure hugging dress that is embellished and has my chandelier print all over. I want to also create some design ideas and draping and drawing with this look as I can play around with the silhouette underneath and understand how the shawl piece can work.

As my top is flowy and frilly I thought it would be interesting to play around with that style by using it on the sleeves such as on the wrist to create a full-look. I can also experiment with  panelled sleeves, fitted sleeves and full sleeves. If this had been sewn together and gathered with a straight stitch rather than pins it would have been much more similar to see how the silhouette would look and work. The pins are quite chunky on the wrist and I  couldn’t wrap it around the wrist properly.


Amazon Prime’s Christmas advert spreads a touching interfaith message

Amazon’s latest campaign for the Christmas advert features two men from different religions having a cup of tea together and noticing they both have the same knee-ache leading them to purchase the exact same gift for one another- knee pads. This enables them to sit on their knees and pray much easier showing that no matter what religion you are everyone has their similarities. This advert does not literally say it is for Christmas but is more about giving Simon Morris Amazon’s advertising director says “the message of the advert was ‘selflessness and thinking of other people’, saying: ‘We wanted it to do well and be respectful to the religions that are featured in it.”-(Westbrook, C.2016)


Westbrook, C.(2016).Amazon Prime’s Christmas advert spreads a touching interfaith message.

Available From:

[Accessed: 10th December 2016]

Fashion Communication

Image result for id magazine


Fashion is communicated mostly visually through magazines, billboards, social media, television adverts, fashion shows, visual merchandising, viral videos and blogs. It can also be communicated through writing such as fashion articles and fashion journalism such as coverage of whats going on in fashion and fashion show coverage. Fashion communication can be used to create editorials and photo shoots which will target the audience they want to sell too the same designer garments/models will also be used but will be styled to fit the target audience such as for iD will style it edgy, cool and more natural and Vogue will have styled the models/garments more glamorous, opulent and luxurious. This will sell the garments to different market ranges/customers. Fashion brands also convey the image they would like to sell to customers providing images of a lifestyle/models/ celebrities they aspire too making them feel that if they wore that garment they would look like them and feel they have that lifestyle which is attractive to the customer.




I have looked at Roberto Cavalli Pre-Fall 2017 collection, They have used more contemporary communication mediums to advertise this collection such as through their Instagram page, Facebook page, billboards in major cities, magazines, website and also use live streams of their shows to attract customers who can’t come to their show.picture6



There are a lot of articles written about them also, so they get a lot of press and advertisement through websites such as Vogue runways and WGSN. The only advertises their perfumes on television, bus stops and billboards in most countries as perfume is a more affordable luxury for most people but their collections as they are luxurious and expensive are only advertised in big fashion capitals such as New York and London.



I find that they prefer to use more contemporary means of communication as they’re very active on social media and have a large social media presence. This makes me assume that there target audience is someone who is social media savvy, younger; 25 and above.picture3


Someone who is too busy to look for Fashion and prefers to have the information on their phone which is right at their finger tips for example how they offer the live streams and have the click to action ‘Shop now’ button on their Facebook page. On their website they also recommended you sign up to receive email updates again shows how they can target the busy but social lifestyle of their target customer. They use the hashtag tool to create a buzz around the collection making it also a lot easier to find.




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Photo Shoot Planning

As my editorial is end the stigma of modest dressing in the western world and normalise modest dressing, my photo shoot will show a fashionable, young hijab wearing model doing everyday tasks that everyone does such as waiting for the bus, eating a burger at western places such as McDonald’s and doing the dishes. This will show people how we’re all the same to create normalisation in the western world of modest dressers. I used my test shots in my mood board too as I felt like this would show what it will actually look like in my magazine and my photo-shoot. This creates a more realistic look reflecting my normalisation theme.


Peer Illustration Handouts

For this part of the assignment we were all in charge of coming up with an illustration technique and writing a hand out for it.

Fabric and Acetate Collage 

This technique is a technique I have never done before but had saw in my peers sketchbook. Its unique and the acetate reminds me of like looking into a window. I used the same colour fabric as the green in my collection and used gold thread stitching to create the mosaic details on my skirt to resemble my design. I also used the model from the Aesthetica magazine as she is the model I used in my last few illustrations in the last one. I like her look and feel it fits with my collection as she is natural and quite moody yet still feminine; she makes my designs stand out due to this.  This works well because of the use of mixed media it is like a collage with the different materials. However I think the colours on the page make the skirt look duller and think I could have used gold fabric or my print fabric and dark green thread instead. I feel the contrast of a lighter colour on a dull colour schemed image would stand out more.To make it more 3D and reflect the opulence theme I could have also  sewn beads and small gems underneath the acetate.

Traditional Collage mixed with Digital Collage

I thought this technique was fascinating the mix of traditional collage mixed with digital collage seem to blend together I believe this is because of using the printed images of your prints and the glossy magazine images. The lines of print behind my illustration remind me of the mosaic ceiling I found in Liverpool Town Hall;  which also inspired my tube skirt and show more relation back to my research and print. As the shape on the face in the handout is more of a geometric collection and mine is not, I thought drawing an abstract chandelier, which is forming to be the motif of my collection, as I have used it a lot through my print and elements for example the chandelier inspired neckline creates great association with the rest of my collection and keeps it consistent.

Continuous Line 

Although I have used the continuous line technique before I find you can come up with different ideas each time to create unusual concepts. Again, I used the same models face to relate it back to my theme. The face is completely different on each piece; you can see which one I had the most time to complete.

Repeat Circle Technique

I was most interested to create this illustration as the style is fun, unusual and I haven’t created nothing like this in my project. I believe it works well as the repeat pattern also reflects the repeat style both my prints posses.  However I did find it frustrating to align them correctly as some of them are higher than one another I feel there must be a more easy way to create this technique so it is more accurate and symmetrical. I also cut out a circle in the middle as the skirts overlapping each other looked messy and this style is quite neat so it didn’t match the style of illustration.