The Collections Expanded Proposal

As I focused on the luxury lifestyle of the monarchs in the Elizabethan era this helped inform my decision on what I wanted to focus on for the 2nd part of this assignment which was the Luxury fashion market and how Brexit has and will affect the luxury market in the UK and also the fashion industry also for example cost of fabrics and exportation. I decided to look at this topic based on my research of the Elizabethan era and Henry the 8th I focused on the opulence of their lifestyles but also as my collection is an evening wear collection I want to market it to a high end clientele but I will need to understand the luxury market and how it will affect me as a British Fashion designer. The silhouettes for my garments in my collection are inspired by exuberant chandeliers, concepts influenced by lavish queen-like-capes and gold embellishment.  The fabrics I planned to use in assignment 1 also relate to the high end fashion market as I have used luxurious fabrics such as chiffon, velvet, taffeta and leather and not lower end fabrics such as cotton. Through the development of my collection, fabric and colours I also found a related trend on WGSN for A/W 17/18 which was called Nocturne which consisted of a similar colour palette dark emerald and golds, and fabrics like mine such as velvet; as I am using printed velvet. To relate my collection more too global issues I will also look at more trends on WGSN to find trends related to luxury fashion, austerity and Brexit and use them to inform elements of my collections so it fits into a global context.

To develop my design ideas I will drape 3D shapes using calico and starch to provide me with ideas for other garments in my collection as I want some 3D style elements to my garments like my chandelier inspired neckline in my first outfit. I think this will make my collection more consistent and dramatic relating more clearly to my luxury client and the high end market. This demonstrates my individual response to my theme and clearly links to the development of my designs from assignment 1 and this assignment. Illustration is expressive and you can produce ideas in various formats I have found illustrations influences me with new ideas and silhouettes and you can be more experimental in generating ideas and allowing the process to visualise my ideas and designs. I will create illustrations using collage, ink and digital as I feel these are all different mediums of creating fashion illustrations and will all equally inspire new concepts. Generating illustrations using the collage technique will force me to merge image I have not thought of before, ink will help me to express the mood and attitude of my collection and I enjoy digital illustrations using cad programs such as Illustrator and Photoshop as they will make my collection look 21st century and help me understand how colours and prints can work together.

As my collection is digital print I also would like to consider a traditional form of this as in manual print/screen making as this will inform my decision on which one would fit with my collection and target audience more appropriately. I would also like to create a few embellishment samples as it will also represent the opulent embellishment of garments in the 15th century but by using embellishment in small areas it will modernise my look and feel.

I will aim to ensure my collection and designs are coherent and consistent and is progressing by evaluating my ideas on my blog every week; as I did for assignment 1. I will also speak to my peers to have reviews on what they think about my collection, what works and what doesn’t and if they have suggestions for me to develop my work. I will also produce a final evaluation summing up my ideas, what I have done, what I have developed, what I’ve learnt and how I could improve my work in the future to better myself as a designer.

My collection is Decadent Drama, inspired by the opulent lifestyle of the Elizabethan monarch, using digital print and luxurious fabrics.


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