Fashion Illustrations- Silhouettes




I picked this technique first as I had more ideas for this one but then after creating it I realised I didn’t find it as interesting as I thought I would. As my asetectic for my collection was not related in anyway to geometric shapes I was worried how I conveyed them. However I do think looking back at it its quite unique, abstract and still captures my style and personality. It fits with my theme in the way that I have used my fabrics and primary colours to recreate my designs. I also wanted to try it in black and white as I thought this would make it look more sophisticated, which would fit my target customer. Both versions of this illustration style are fun and communicate my collection to my audience and they will understand exactly what the collection is by means of colours, fabrics and movement. I feel I met the aim of the sophistication I wanted with the black and white as it toned down the look of my illustration and made it suitable for an older audience as the first ones looks too collage-y which could make it appeal to a younger target audience due to the bright colours. The overall outcome of each one is quirky and the geometric shapes I chose to extenuate the silhouettes of my garments really do make that impact.


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