Worlds first hijab wearing Barbie: Hijarbie

image Mattel, the company who owns Barbie has not long come up with “‘Fashionistas’ – which come in a variety of body types and seven different skin tones.” Which have made it easier for girls to find a doll which that can relate to as not all girls are petite, white and blonde which is what a stereotypical barbie is mostly known for.

Haneefah Adam,24, wanted a hijab Barbie but it had not yet been created so she decided to take the matter into in her own hands. She calls her ‘Hijarbie’ she explains “the idea came from coming across a Barbie style page and wanting to see the doll dressed in clothes like hers.” She bought a doll and created clothes for her to wear similar to the modest style she wear and documents her work through photographs on Instagram, often comparing a real hijab wearing women next to her doll version in matching clothes.

She says  “I’m filling a gap and hoping to create a positive awareness for the Muslim girl,” she also says it  “leads to better self-esteem”

Ted Stansfield asked Adams about the representation of Muslim women in mainstream Western culture;

“Speaking on the subject of the representation of Muslim women in mainstream Western culture, Adam says that “fashion-conscious Muslim women in the form of bloggers have been taking centre stage for a good few years, showing the world that style can coincide with faith.” but she says  “There’s more to be done, though.

A lot of people have fell in love with Hijarbie and people have been very positive  “…older girls say they wished they had the dolls when they were little.”  Hijarbie currently has 77.8k Instagram followers since not long joining, Hijarbie is a hit. Adam would eventually like to be able to make a profit of the hijabs and abayas she makes for the doll. (Stansfield,2017)


Stansfield, T (2016)Meet Hijarbie, The World’s First Hijab-Wearing Barbie.

Available from:

[Accessed: 14th November 2016]

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