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15078815_1080591088706605_3871420736109283064_n14925595_1080591108706603_3061107956651766980_nIn this article it states that when a company in the UK shows a design first in the UK it is automatically protected for three years anywhere in the EU but now that we have decided to leave the EU the protection will be lost. this would allow others to copy the designs of hard working designers and companies which would eventually become legal battles in court. This can affect my work and my collection as a designer as if someone were to copy my designs there is no law to protect me from that. It is understanding why 90% didn’t want to leave the EU.


Months before the referendum for Brexit begun hug companies such as Next, John Lewis and Fat Face have been struggle with the value of the sterling dropping and nothing left to take off suppliers it will be consumers who pay the cost forcing prices to be raised. It has benefits for brands who make and export in the UK but a lot of materials are from outside the UK meaning it will affect British brands someway. This is important for my collection as I will need to consider the cost of materials I might use which will be sourced from outside the UK. As far as I am aware most items I have bought are from the UK but it’s a possibility that some items I have bought from the UK may have been sourced from the EU meaning that they will have to raise their prices thus affecting me.15135866_1080590952039952_2566603052721758381_n15179042_1080590968706617_3376503347625490235_n15109635_1080590935373287_3679855739476905184_n

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