Brits are now wearing safety pins to show they aren’t racist


safety pinCourtesy of @clinteldorado on Twitter

A few days after the election British people wanted to show they are not racist and they happily accept EU nationals in the UK  they have been wearing safety pins as a sign of solidification.

“…amidst the cries of ‘take back control’ and ‘migrants out’ a heartwarming movement has emerged.”Alemoru(2016)

Alemoru(2016) reported that:

“American Allison decided to turn the household item into a symbol of solidarity to “let any potential targets know that the wearer is a friendly face.” To which “potential targets” everywhere rejoiced.”

A lot of twitter users have shown their solidarity by sending in pictures and tweeting about the kind comments they have received from EU nationals.

But Alemoru(2016) says that:

“…although the movement means well, the fact still remains that to tackle Britain’s growing xenophobia much more needs to be done, and it may take more than a hashtag or a pin.”


Brits are Now Wearing Safety Pins to Show they Aren’t Racist

Available from:

[Accessed: 17th November 2016]

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