Magazine Research

The type of magazines I want to target are magazines of which the target audience is open, aware and understanding. I want a cool target audience who will support the cause and help to end the stigma of the modest fashion dressing of Muslims. A magazine and individuals who are edgy and trendsetting will help towards the normalization of this niche market. Magazines which can help me do this are:

  • Purple
  • Dazed
  • iD
  • POP Magazine
  • Wallpaper
  • Wonderland
  • V Magazine

I decided to chose iD magazine.



ID started as an 8 page zine in the 1980’s by Terry Jones it is about people’s identity, hence the name, and is very photographic focusing on everything happening in the world.

From looking at one of the issues of the magazine I found it to be strong on originality, authenticity, new talent which makes it youthful and edgy. It is visual yet the interviews and articles are very wordy. It is full of upcoming talent, new and emerging faces.Duplicates of looks, which ID do very often due to the fact the photography is so strong.

The images are sophisticated, real, natural and untouched. The layout is monochromatic, simplistic, and clean. The writing style is not like usually magazines where the writing is all in columns, the writing is written like a book. Important quotes are pulled out and blown up.

Some brands/designers I noticed in iD; Chanel, Louis Vuitton and J.W.Anderson (all high end brands which tells me the magazine is aimed at a youthful edgy yet high end market.)

Gucci Campaign found in the first two pages of the magazine:


Initially looking at this campaign I figured out the main focal point of this ad was the shoes, for example the photograph on the right just shows the models wearing the shoes and is the camera angle is just concentrating on the bottom portion of the model. In the left hand side photograph you would assume that my hypothesis was incorrect as the whole body is including and the background but the model is looking down at her feet. The model stands out against the swarm of smartly dressed, all in black passers by with her vibrant dress and accessories. Shoes and handbags are usually the best selling items as they are bought from all different target markets such as working class-high end clientele as they are the most attainable and can be worn with everything as they are versatile. The bright white border featured at the bottom is a contrast to the busy photographs and the monochromatic style makes it clear and strong. (Sunday 13th November 2016)

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