A “Topless Burka-Clad Model” and Radical Islamic Fashion


A campaign by Nicola Formichetti, the former stylist to Lady Gaga who became Diesel’ s artistic director, in April, 2013.Using “real people” as models with the tag-line “I Am Not What I Appear To Be,” the campaign was the brainchild of The advert that has caused  controversy shows a heavily tattooed female model wearing a makeshift denim niqab.

Denim is an interesting material to make a niqab from. Fred Davis, in Fashion, Culture, and Identity(University of Chicago Press), refers to the “blue jeans’ ‘base-line’ symbolism of democracy.” It’s a fabric identified with America, and American youth culture.  A denim niqab, seems to hint at the fusion of East and West on the level of material culture.

Muslim dress has influenced Western fashion, particularly at the more avant-garde end of the spectrum.


Millar, A. (2013) A “Topless Burka-Clad Model” and Radical Islamic Fashion

Available from: http://peopleofshambhala.com/a-topless-burka-clad-model-and-radical-islamic-fashion/

[Accessed: 21st November 2016]

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