Gibbs Reflection


After completing assignment one I came to the final conclusion my collection would be inspired by the opulent life of a monarch in the Elizabethan era using an emerald and gold colour palette.  I was influenced by 15th century buildings and interior mostly from The Liverpool Town hall where I found a lot of valuable research. My main point of inspiration I found was Chandeliers and ceiling décor which related to the Rococo art movement. For my designs I incorporated details from the chandeliers such the neckline which was inspired by the elegant elongated arms of the light fixtures. The bodice is flowy yet full giving it the appearance of a chandelier. I have also found great influence in the mosaic ceiling I took photographs of as I have designed a panelled skirt which is long, like a 15th gown but more modernised as it is straight yet fitted around the waist. The panels are made up out of plain dark green crepe fabric and my busy chandelier print. Both my prints on my outfit are photographs that have been manipulated using Photoshop to mirror, repeat and scale the images to create innovate and original prints.


I thoroughly enjoyed working on a project exploring a theme I have not researched before I feel I chose an original topic within my theme and created something relevant to my ascetic as I am inspired by luxurious and glamorous garments and interiors. This kept me passionate about my collection as I knew it was personal to me and I know I want to create opulent garments in the future. I didn’t struggle as such with timescale but I feel my work would be stronger if I had more time to develop my designs before I needed to start the pattern. I feel on this project I have learnt a lot about myself as what kind of designer I am I already was aware I prefer to design glamorous evening wear but have never thought a lot into what art movements inspire me and where I can look for inspiration that relates to my ascetic. I can develop myself further with more confidence now that I have a deeper understanding of my work and influences. Without the first project I wouldn’t have been able to complete this project I know I wanted to market my collection to a high-end luxury market which has made it easier for me to pick a global issue I wanted to look it which is how Brexit has and will affect the luxury fashion industry as this will affect me if I choose to market to that clientele. I will also find developing designs easier too as my research is already done, and I have lots of designs I can develop from the last project to make sure my collection is consistent. I also have a good selection of fabrics which I can develop using embellishment, laser and screen printing to make them more original and thought through.


At first looking at my initial research which was the art and castle I found it difficult to convey my theme which is why I wanted to explore the theme further to find something relatable and something I could design with. After being suggested to have a look on the heritage weekend website I found the Town Hall and decided to visit. I took lots of photographs there and felt this was exactly the path I wanted to go down it made me finally have a sense for what I wanted for my collection and inspired the majority of my design ideas as I still used my previous research to have a better bank to design with I found the castle architecture helped well when designing silhouettes. For the first assignment I wish I would have experimented and developed fabrics more such as using the laser cutter and embellishing to make them suit my glamorous theme more but I know I can focus on this for the second part of the assignment.



When I first started the project in the Summer I found it easy to gather ideas for places and what I could research but when felt I was off to a slow start developing my research at times as I felt it wasn’t working, even though I had a large collection of research and it wasn’t merging well with my personal ascetic. I think this give me less time to develop my designs was it what I wanted to work on more. I think what slowed me down and hindered the process as well was my original idea which was something gothic which was too cliché to what the theme was rather than letting my research develop as I eventually did, helping me to find a stronger concept.



Although I came up with a lot of design ideas I felt I could have come up with some more that could have been successful as much as some of the others. I am overall happy with how well my first assignment turned out again even though I wanted more time on my design ideas I do think my time management was great as I managed to have a lot done and done well. I would like to work more on my self-motivation to push it further and not procrastinate at all even though I do put a lot of work it sometimes procrastination can be a downfall and I would have stronger work if I motivated myself more.

Action Plan

For this project I want to look at how and will Brexit will change the luxury fashion industry as the UK is now the cheapest country to buy luxury goods. I also want to develop my designs to create more original designs that are relevant to my theme and my target customer. I will embellish fabrics to make my designs stand out and become more luxurious. I want to design and make a diffusion range of accessories that are cohesive to my collection to make it more professional and easier for customers from different market levels to own a part of the collection and to sell to different market levels, which is the reason why well-known designers create diffusion ranges.




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