Critical Analysis

 My work meets professional standard as I have used industry standard soft wares such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to create line ups, working sketches and illustrations as well as prints and range plans.

My products fit my target audience and I know this is due to me using the research and answers I received off my questionnaires I gave out to my focus group.  My garments/ products are young, fresh and bold but still have the persona of bohemian and 1970’s glam which is what I envision when I think of Missoni. I wanted to use a typically Missoni shape which I believe is a stretchy midi body con dress but with a bold, colourful print and usual colour panels to add a twist to the traditional Missoni dress. The bodysuit with culottes is not something Missoni usually do but I felt these would suit a younger audience but can also easily transition to their target audience also. I think it fits Missoni’s ascetic however styled with the long waistcoat but also would be worn by a younger clientele.  The waistcoat can also be styled with the dress also to create a mix and match look but pieces can be worn with the wearers other garments making them much easier to style and much more wearable, Younger generations enjoy the freedom of styling their garments how they please and this collection offers that. The prints are busy and chaotic but new for Missoni.

I want to be a womenswear designer in the future so I feel this brief helped me to build up on my skills such as working sketches which I usually find hard to get as good as industry standard working sketches. As I was designing for a brand I don’t like I feel this was a good experience to learn and adapt myself as I could be working for a brand I didn’t find personally appealing in the future. So would need to know how to design for the brand yet keep in mind my personal ascetic and be able to merge them to create a unique line up. I have enjoyed merging my ideas with the ascetic of Missoni as I feel I have come up with something cool, fun and fits with both mine and Missoni’s ideals. This work will build up my portfolio and show to Universities and career interviews how passionate I am about design and fashion.

My work is a lot more professional looking than it was last year I feel my mood boards and how I present my work are a lot closer to industry standard than they were in level 4 even though my work was strong last year I feel more at university level this year. Although I am already organised and I am quite efficient with my time management. I have really progressed well on Level 5, working at a faster pace with a higher workload has pushed me to become even more so efficient and yet still create and achieve great quality work.

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