Final Collection


My collection consists of a three piece outfit for the first outfit and a dress for the second outfit. I have created a paneled design on front and back of bodysuit and dress to create an hourglass figure which unusual but complementary colours purple and orange. This paneled design is based on the waved, warped images on my print warped on the original image. Here:


Which I then changed the hue and saturation to make it more

I still thought it was bold enough and was too ‘pink’ and Missoni are more colour even though it is a Winter Collection I wanted Missoni to work with bold colours so it was something different to the usual browns and dark reds. I felt this would capture the audience of a younger generation as it would be more interesting and fun to wear.  I simply selected sections and changed the hue/saturation and then I copied and pasted it but reflected it horizontally to create something more unique. missoni-rainbow

I wanted my silhouettes to have some structure to them but still have the element of bohemian and 70’s glam which is what I envision when I think of Missoni. I think Missoni really enjoy working on a body con dress and I feel the turtle neck and calf length add a winter touch. The bodysuit with culottes is a bit different for Missoni but I feel it would fit their ascetic styled with the long waistcoat and it is also quite popular with a younger audience which is what Missoni need. The waistcoat can also be styled with the dress too. I think having the waistcoat plain in the front fits with the first look of having plain pants as you can see the bodysuit and its not too busy but in the back it’s fun and adds a surprise element as it would be expected to be the same as the front. It still keeps Missonis chaotic prints  in mind.

This is my final lineup.


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