To get market research about the brand I am designing for and what a varied age range thinks of Missoni I created a questionnaire for my focus group to answer, as our group is a mix of ages from 19-50 I thought it would be insightful to see how different ages see the brand and how it can improve.

This is the questionnaire I handed out and the answers I received:

From creating and handing out this questionnaire I learnt how I can create a collection that would attract a younger audience based on my research from these questionnaires that the majority say that they are outdated, dreary and the garments are more for older women but wold consider wearing Missoni if they designed contemporary silhouettes, used brighter colours and their garments were more urban looking. Which is what I will need to do when designing the collection  I know understand the target audience and know that they will be interested in buying Missoni if it were more youthful which is what I am going to create.

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