Trend Research: Nocturne A/W 17/18

I found this trend was the most related to my collection as it is about the  dark side of life it reminds me of the 15th century monarch as they were wealthy, selfish and lived a life of luxury whist their people suffered with poverty, premature death and illness. This trend talks about the beauty of death and coming to realise and accept death as much as we accept life, not scared.



This theme is all about blurring the transition from day to night so night/evening wear is worn in the day. My collection is evening wear as this fits with my theme of the 15th century monarch as they found their clothes such an important factor as it showed wealth and status so day wear clothes would not do my theme any justice.


The two main colours I am using for my collection are also two of the colours in this theme including some of my original colours such as the ruby, wine and lapis.


I also had a look at fabrics from the trend which consists of velvet of which I am using printed velvet I created, and other fabrics embedded with metallic threads and details. I think these are very similar to my fabrics. The last image is my fabric print samples as you can see the colours are similar and the tones work really well as you have some stronger details such as the metallic and light tones.


A lot of my designs are similar to the Victorian style, which they have used here, as I have drawn gathered bodices’, ruffle trousers and dresses.


I also thought it would be interesting to look into the prints and graphics of this trend to see how they would relate to mine. I found a lot of similar designs that could have inspired mine as they’re very detailed I feel the top middle one fits well with my concept as it looks as if it was influenced by the Rococo art movement too.


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