Fabric Sampling

Missoni is famous for its use of knitted fabric so I decided as well as getting my designs printed on to knit fabrics I thought I would try and make some of my own fabric manipulations to see what would work best. I bought wool and felt fabrics and colourful trims. Here are my fabric samples:

1.For my first fabric sample I coloured the ends of this looped yarn in 3 different fabric mediums crayon, pen and powder paint, I wanted an ombre effect. They each give an interesting but almost similar look, the colours remind me of Autumn/Winter and the yarn gives it a cosy feeling reminiscent of Winter blankets. The colours are still however vibrant and look almost like the wires found in my dad’s computer. This fabric sample would work well all over a coat to create a chunky coat over a trademark bodycon Missoni dress. I could develop this fabric sample to create it all over a piece of fabric such as a knitted textile or a bright pink wool to add impact and contrast.14570455_1058120004287047_6892047861301289867_n

2. For this fabric sample I wanted to mimic the wires in my dad’s computer, I used this woven trim of primary and secondary colours to communicate the different colours I found when highlighting the colours in my primary image. This turned out exactly how I envisioned it too. I think this would look unique on any type of garment such as a high neck bodice or a midi skirt. I could develop this sample by sewing in extra pieces of the cord that hangs down like a fringe which could fall at the hem of these types of garments and over pockets to add more14900601_1058120044287043_976331749236466643_n

3. This is more of a mixed media sample I performed with the scraps off the previous samples and some trim. I wanted a handcrafted feel for this sample but feel it doesn’t fit well with Missoni and looks too handmade. However I do appreciate the colour scheme as it ties in with Missonis use of colour. I could re-create this sample by using the cage like effect the pink wool does over the blue wool and weaving other colours to build on the cage effect.



4. This sample is quite simple yet effective, I wanted to try two different colours of wool to see what colours worked better together. I simply sewed on this fantastic trim I found of manipulated fibres the stripy edges had a real Missoni edge to them especially contrasted with the vibrant colours. The wave design makes me think of a softer trademark Missoni zig-zag pattern.These could have been developed by cutting off the netting fabric backing to make the fabric sample neater and not as rough. It would also be interesting to have the waves weaved all over and under one another.

I decided to make Missoni feel more youthful I would however stick with print I had my designs sent off and printed on to cashmere and chunky knit rib. The quality of the print and designs was fantastic the colours were as vibrant and bold as Missoni the prints have a Missoni feel but with new generation ascetic.

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