Final Design and Development

Today I discussed my designs, fabric prints/samples and colour scheme with my pattern/manufacturing tutor and my course team leader the design I wanted to construct they both found it really interesting and agreed I manufacture that design.Which is below on the left;


They also helped me pick my other two designs I am going to create which is the top right and also the one below. However they suggested a shorter skirt for design 2 so I will be doing developments of this to see what fits best. They decided that because the skirt for design 1 was long also and there was so much going on, on design 2 that a shorter skirt would put even more emphasis on the details of the dress such as the volume hips. They thought the cape I designed would work extremely well with this plunge jumpsuit. I think it adds more drama and makes the jumpsuit fit in better with the other two outfits, as they’re so detailed adding the cape makes this one just as strong as the other two.


The discussion gave me clarity and helped me to develop my designs and research giving me an even more clear idea of how I want my collection to look and the mood I want to evoke.We also discussed my fabric samples picking the taffeta print mixed with the chandelier print chiffon. We also decided to change the velvet print to my more busy print as it would look stronger.

After showing them my colour scheme we all decided just to stick to dark green and golds as it was quite difficult to match the colours together for a good combination.


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