Rating Illustrations

These illustrations will be given a rating to help me decide how I would like to illustrate my designs in the future. The rating system is as follows: a rating of 1-10 with 1 being poor and 10 being fantastic.

Illustration 1: Charcoal and ink pencils with water


Rating: 4

This illustration is quite detailed and the drawing of the over-sized jacket looks quite odd as is looks like a hunch back. I feel if the face was looser and more expression the illustration would be more interesting. I enjoyed using the ink pencils that you add water too though as I think the shading works well as it is smooth. She kind of reminds me as a coal worker as her face looks dusty this is due to me not having control and struggling to control the long charcoal stick.

Illustration 2: Ink intense pencils with water and acrylic paint


Rating: 5

This illustration fits well with my theme due to the colours and dripped paint. It works great with the water as it gives it interest. However I feel it isn’t really that original which is why i’d rather chose another design. I feel again it is the face, it is too detailed if it was continuous line it would be more original.

Illustration 3: Collage, ink and acrylic paint


Rating: 8

I think this illustration is fun and suits my theme fantastically too. I think the textured strips of paint which is did with a mesh like material. The colours fit well, the composition is considered. As much as I revel in working with ink as its so expressive and free and although I understand illustrations are meant to communicate the ‘mood’ and ‘feel’ I don’t believe this will communicate my design ideas well as its a little unclear. I would like to take the magazine head idea from this illustration as it adds a personal realistic touch which makes you imagine more a person wearing that garment.

Illustration 4: Ink and acrylic paint


Rating: 6

The face reminds me of marbling but I find the hands too messy I think marker might have drew these still freely but a bit neater and stronger but I do like the tonal colour ink offers. The colours are from my colour palette and they  worked well however I’m not feeling this technique for my designs as my theme is luxurious, glamorous and opulent and this does not communicate that.

Illustration 5: Markers and fine liner


Rating: 5

This illustration is cool but I think its very 1980’s I also did the pen on the wrong part as I was meant to use the felt on the folds f the fabric on the garments and use other materials to create texture on the body. I drew it on a piece of more opaque acetate and glued it on to the back ground I have been using for my designs. I think it would of worked better this way or if I just used a basic block colour as there are way to many colours.

Illustration 6: Fine liner and acrylic paint


Rating: 3

I believe this illustration is interesting and full of texture unfortunately it just doesn’t communicate my theme and feel it wouldn’t work well as I tried to use the colours on my colour palette. It also looks like a gas mask on the face, I would have been better covering the whole face in paint. It would have also worked better if the was body was just gold rather than blue as it has a tone of khaki green to it. I don’t think this is one of my strongest illustrations due to these reasons.

Illustration 7: Fine liner and water wet technique



I feels this illustration is very classy, portrays my theme well the ink of the wet fine liner pours well creating texture and depth. I feel this brings the image to life. I want to use this style for my design and I want to incorporate the continuous line as I love the originality that comes with continuous line as you never know what you’re gonna get and it can create a different look and influence more designs.

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