Sourcing Research for MissoniXFAD

Firstly, I created a mind map starting the project I didn’t understand the brief or what it meant so I kept reading and looking at the brief and researching the movement which were used as a starting point. I chose Concrete Art as it was colourful, abstract and most things could be classed as concrete art I felt it suited Missoni for the bright colours, shapes and would be the best to communicate. I also chose Art Programmata as it was the polar opposite to Concrete Art because it is usually a monochromatic colour palette consisting of black and white creating themes such as optical illusions using basic shapes. Missoni do use black and white sometimes and I think the optical illusions would be quite fun and youthful for Missoni.

For my Primary research I visited Tate Liverpool, Museum of Liverpool and the Walker Art Gallery. I found art work related to my chosen movements, 19th century artists, sculptures and mixed media pieces. I also found some carefully placed tins of paint placed in work with vibrant colours that caught my eye and thought they would make a fantastic colour palette. I want to use print for Missoni as I feel it will give it that youthful, young edge I feel they are lacking whilst keeping some of their silhouettes and knit fabrics too so that is still of Missoni aesthetic.

I then decided to start researching the technological side of the project so i looked inside my dads computer and took some images of the colourful wires they really stood out against the black and silver. I also found the QR codes and lite up screens in the Fact Liverpool related perfectly too.


I then used Pinterest to find some secondary research for my technology. I found QR codes and programming codes. I want to develop these with print and merge them with the art work I found ‘to find a place where Culture and Technology meet’.

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