Critical Analysis

 My work meets professional standard as I have used industry standard soft wares such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to create line ups, working sketches and illustrations as well as prints and range plans.

My products fit my target audience and I know this is due to me using the research and answers I received off my questionnaires I gave out to my focus group.  My garments/ products are young, fresh and bold but still have the persona of bohemian and 1970’s glam which is what I envision when I think of Missoni. I wanted to use a typically Missoni shape which I believe is a stretchy midi body con dress but with a bold, colourful print and usual colour panels to add a twist to the traditional Missoni dress. The bodysuit with culottes is not something Missoni usually do but I felt these would suit a younger audience but can also easily transition to their target audience also. I think it fits Missoni’s ascetic however styled with the long waistcoat but also would be worn by a younger clientele.  The waistcoat can also be styled with the dress also to create a mix and match look but pieces can be worn with the wearers other garments making them much easier to style and much more wearable, Younger generations enjoy the freedom of styling their garments how they please and this collection offers that. The prints are busy and chaotic but new for Missoni.

I want to be a womenswear designer in the future so I feel this brief helped me to build up on my skills such as working sketches which I usually find hard to get as good as industry standard working sketches. As I was designing for a brand I don’t like I feel this was a good experience to learn and adapt myself as I could be working for a brand I didn’t find personally appealing in the future. So would need to know how to design for the brand yet keep in mind my personal ascetic and be able to merge them to create a unique line up. I have enjoyed merging my ideas with the ascetic of Missoni as I feel I have come up with something cool, fun and fits with both mine and Missoni’s ideals. This work will build up my portfolio and show to Universities and career interviews how passionate I am about design and fashion.

My work is a lot more professional looking than it was last year I feel my mood boards and how I present my work are a lot closer to industry standard than they were in level 4 even though my work was strong last year I feel more at university level this year. Although I am already organised and I am quite efficient with my time management. I have really progressed well on Level 5, working at a faster pace with a higher workload has pushed me to become even more so efficient and yet still create and achieve great quality work.

Final Collection


My collection consists of a three piece outfit for the first outfit and a dress for the second outfit. I have created a paneled design on front and back of bodysuit and dress to create an hourglass figure which unusual but complementary colours purple and orange. This paneled design is based on the waved, warped images on my print warped on the original image. Here:


Which I then changed the hue and saturation to make it more

I still thought it was bold enough and was too ‘pink’ and Missoni are more colour even though it is a Winter Collection I wanted Missoni to work with bold colours so it was something different to the usual browns and dark reds. I felt this would capture the audience of a younger generation as it would be more interesting and fun to wear.  I simply selected sections and changed the hue/saturation and then I copied and pasted it but reflected it horizontally to create something more unique. missoni-rainbow

I wanted my silhouettes to have some structure to them but still have the element of bohemian and 70’s glam which is what I envision when I think of Missoni. I think Missoni really enjoy working on a body con dress and I feel the turtle neck and calf length add a winter touch. The bodysuit with culottes is a bit different for Missoni but I feel it would fit their ascetic styled with the long waistcoat and it is also quite popular with a younger audience which is what Missoni need. The waistcoat can also be styled with the dress too. I think having the waistcoat plain in the front fits with the first look of having plain pants as you can see the bodysuit and its not too busy but in the back it’s fun and adds a surprise element as it would be expected to be the same as the front. It still keeps Missonis chaotic prints  in mind.

This is my final lineup.


Illustration of Missoni Range


For my illustration I wanted to do the two looks together to show how cohesive they are and how well they mix. I wanted the models to look posey but effortless so I looked at first for actual Missoni campaigns and also found the model on the left by searching for models posing. I then drew them up on Adobe Illustrator to create a fluid feel to my look. The background is a winter lodge with changed colour balance and hue and saturation I then added some transparency to the background image to help the illustrations stand out. I wanted my illustrations to convey the mood of the collection I still feel they will fit with both Missoni’s target audience and a younger audience as the garments are still very wearable for both as they are sophisticated yet bold. I added Missonis trademark “M” and added in my print, the “M” communicates a American Footballer style look which also accentuates the youth feel.


To get market research about the brand I am designing for and what a varied age range thinks of Missoni I created a questionnaire for my focus group to answer, as our group is a mix of ages from 19-50 I thought it would be insightful to see how different ages see the brand and how it can improve.

This is the questionnaire I handed out and the answers I received:

From creating and handing out this questionnaire I learnt how I can create a collection that would attract a younger audience based on my research from these questionnaires that the majority say that they are outdated, dreary and the garments are more for older women but wold consider wearing Missoni if they designed contemporary silhouettes, used brighter colours and their garments were more urban looking. Which is what I will need to do when designing the collection  I know understand the target audience and know that they will be interested in buying Missoni if it were more youthful which is what I am going to create.

Using Illustration Techniques for Design Ideas

Today I created more design ideas but this time I used my illustration techniques I have been using to communicate my design developments. My illustration techniques can be found here and final chosen technique can be found here. However for my designs and developments I thought the collage head would obstruct the design and makes it more difficult to see the detail of the design. Here is one of my designs using the fine liner and water technique.


I then photocopied my designs on to acetate as I felt they would be more eye catching and I could add fabrics and backgrounds to my designs. I added ripped magazine pages that I felt fit with my theme as they are dark, mysterious and are the perfect juxtaposition for my work as my designs are glamorous and luxurious but the background are desolate and abandoned which I feel adds an edge to my work. I also used frayed gold ribbons, fabric and paper that fit with my theme and colour scheme I feel this made my designs come even more to life and communicates my vision creatively.



Trend Research: Nocturne A/W 17/18

I found this trend was the most related to my collection as it is about the  dark side of life it reminds me of the 15th century monarch as they were wealthy, selfish and lived a life of luxury whist their people suffered with poverty, premature death and illness. This trend talks about the beauty of death and coming to realise and accept death as much as we accept life, not scared.



This theme is all about blurring the transition from day to night so night/evening wear is worn in the day. My collection is evening wear as this fits with my theme of the 15th century monarch as they found their clothes such an important factor as it showed wealth and status so day wear clothes would not do my theme any justice.


The two main colours I am using for my collection are also two of the colours in this theme including some of my original colours such as the ruby, wine and lapis.


I also had a look at fabrics from the trend which consists of velvet of which I am using printed velvet I created, and other fabrics embedded with metallic threads and details. I think these are very similar to my fabrics. The last image is my fabric print samples as you can see the colours are similar and the tones work really well as you have some stronger details such as the metallic and light tones.


A lot of my designs are similar to the Victorian style, which they have used here, as I have drawn gathered bodices’, ruffle trousers and dresses.


I also thought it would be interesting to look into the prints and graphics of this trend to see how they would relate to mine. I found a lot of similar designs that could have inspired mine as they’re very detailed I feel the top middle one fits well with my concept as it looks as if it was influenced by the Rococo art movement too.


Fabric Sampling

Missoni is famous for its use of knitted fabric so I decided as well as getting my designs printed on to knit fabrics I thought I would try and make some of my own fabric manipulations to see what would work best. I bought wool and felt fabrics and colourful trims. Here are my fabric samples:

1.For my first fabric sample I coloured the ends of this looped yarn in 3 different fabric mediums crayon, pen and powder paint, I wanted an ombre effect. They each give an interesting but almost similar look, the colours remind me of Autumn/Winter and the yarn gives it a cosy feeling reminiscent of Winter blankets. The colours are still however vibrant and look almost like the wires found in my dad’s computer. This fabric sample would work well all over a coat to create a chunky coat over a trademark bodycon Missoni dress. I could develop this fabric sample to create it all over a piece of fabric such as a knitted textile or a bright pink wool to add impact and contrast.14570455_1058120004287047_6892047861301289867_n

2. For this fabric sample I wanted to mimic the wires in my dad’s computer, I used this woven trim of primary and secondary colours to communicate the different colours I found when highlighting the colours in my primary image. This turned out exactly how I envisioned it too. I think this would look unique on any type of garment such as a high neck bodice or a midi skirt. I could develop this sample by sewing in extra pieces of the cord that hangs down like a fringe which could fall at the hem of these types of garments and over pockets to add more14900601_1058120044287043_976331749236466643_n

3. This is more of a mixed media sample I performed with the scraps off the previous samples and some trim. I wanted a handcrafted feel for this sample but feel it doesn’t fit well with Missoni and looks too handmade. However I do appreciate the colour scheme as it ties in with Missonis use of colour. I could re-create this sample by using the cage like effect the pink wool does over the blue wool and weaving other colours to build on the cage effect.



4. This sample is quite simple yet effective, I wanted to try two different colours of wool to see what colours worked better together. I simply sewed on this fantastic trim I found of manipulated fibres the stripy edges had a real Missoni edge to them especially contrasted with the vibrant colours. The wave design makes me think of a softer trademark Missoni zig-zag pattern.These could have been developed by cutting off the netting fabric backing to make the fabric sample neater and not as rough. It would also be interesting to have the waves weaved all over and under one another.

I decided to make Missoni feel more youthful I would however stick with print I had my designs sent off and printed on to cashmere and chunky knit rib. The quality of the print and designs was fantastic the colours were as vibrant and bold as Missoni the prints have a Missoni feel but with new generation ascetic.