Draping and Projection

I experimented draping with fabrics that reminded me of my theme such a forest green satin, worn out gold lame fabric, emerald faux leather and royal blue flower embossed velvet. I gained a lot of ideas from the draping and could see different silhouettes coming to life it helped me to understand how I can work my colours together so that they look cohesive and not misplaced. At first the I didn’t understand how draping and projection would look together but I had an open mind and tried with 10 of my best primary images. Some had filters added on, one was a print and the rest were all original. The projection worked so well it give me lots of ideas for shapes, print placement, and what is working the best colour wise.

I used a digital camera SLR camera to take these photographs. I learnt a lot about how different components can affect the quality such as for a Rawr file you can only take 100 photographs as it is for better quality images. When you zoom in you can lose quality so it works better to actually get closer to the object/person you’re photographing. The higher the number the less light can get in but you can use auto program which does everything for you. f2.8 lets more light in and more shallow you can also change depth of field. Macro photography is best for close up detail which is perfect for jewellery. Originally, it was developed for more botanical elements such as flowers. There are shortcuts such as picking your focus and going into settings to shallow depth of field. There is also Aperture which you an focus on a certain area and there is also shutter speed which captures moments.

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