Missoni Project Proposal

Rationale and Context

I am going to be designing a womenswear mini collection for FAD X Missoni Winter 2018. I have selected this project as I want to go into Fashion Design after I have completed my degree, I feel this project will enable me to develop my research and design skills. I am also designing for a brand that I wouldn’t usually pick which will be a challenge. I could face this problem in industry if I were to design for a client/brand which is not my taste. It will teach me how to merge my ideas yet keep the brand at heart.

Development and Realisation

I want to focus on the technology aspect of the project and then will combine it with culture. I have firstly started with a mind map to generate ideas I will then develop it to look for primary and secondary research options. I want to use a variety of research rather than flat digital images I want to go on excursions to the museums, gather found objects related to technology and also look for books. I have looked at two trends for A/W 17/18 entitled ‘Infusion’ and ‘The Great Reset’ I will use these trends to inform my research/design and influence my ideas. These trends focus on technology and the future I think this is now becoming important to be aware of in fashion which is why I want to focus on it. For the culture aspect of my project I am looking at two art movements suggested by the FAD which are Art Progammata and Concrete art, Art Progammata is most a lot of warped lines  that can create dimension and Missoni use a lot of lines in their designs such as their most well know ‘Missoni zig zag’. Concrete art is abstract and has no symbolic meaning as other art movements do this also reminds again of shape but also colour. My work will mostly be gathered and presented in a sketchbook where I will explore drawing found objects in various angles, creating fabric samples and draping. Missoni uses a lot of knitwear but unfortunately I cannot knit so I was interested in cutting up and weaving knit fabrics and yarns together to create my own fabric.  I will also look at Missoni, create mood boards of their previous collections, research in to what inspires them and how I can use that to influence my ideas.

Evaluation and Progression

I will blog about my project so that I can evaluate my work every week. I will evaluate what I’ve done and what I’m going to do to develop and progress critiquing myself will make my work much stronger by constantly questioning and thinking about my work. I will also ask my peers to critique my work each week to see what they think and how they think I could improve or if they could give me ideas of research or deigns. I will also continuously annotate my work in my sketchbook each time to understand what worked and what didn’t.



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