Rococo Art Movement

At first I thought my theme was more inspired by the Baroque art movement but I saw that Rococo was a related movement after seeing the images of what it was I felt this suited my theme and was what I wanted for my collection. I found out that Rococo was a later version of Baroque.

The Rococo art movement was fashionable from about 1730 to 1770 it was used mostly in ceramics, furniture and silver. Motifs such as broken rocks and shells, natural motifs such as flowers, curved lines that form C and S shapes, The acanthus leaf, Rocaille which can be frilly carving or look like a kind of water or eroded rock. Rococo style was also often unsymmetrical.

Figuring out that Rococo was related to what I had been photographing in the town hall helped me to develop and have more confidence in my work and research. It helped me understand the movement and research  more to know what silhouettes I could design and how I could also develop fabric samples and my sketchbook pages.

Examples I found of Rococo used in Liverpool Town hall.

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