Project Proposal for Decadent Drama Collection

Project Proposal

When I started my summer research my first few ideas were castles and churches, I wanted to go down a Gothic route but since developing my primary research I found I wanted to look more at Queen Elizabeth the 1st and the opulence of that era. Since developing my research I feel I have now explored a topic which is more of an interest to me and something I can be passionate about. My aims for my research are to evaluate the lifestyle of the monarch of this era to inform and influence my designs. So I have looked at old portraits, regal buildings; such as Liverpool Town Hall, and I have also looked at Conwy Castle. This research has given me a clear idea of the luxury and the decadence of the time. I want to keep my blog up-to-date with my designs and evaluate each week what I have done, what I am going to do and how will this inform my work. I have plenty of fabric samples yet I want to keep my options open by trying to find unusual textured fabrics, and I also want to create my own prints to be put on fabric. I want to explore laser cutting as I can develop laser cutting ideas from my primary research such as the Baroque patterns. I am going to explore trends to relate my work too so that my collection is on trend. The master I have picked to look at is Marc Jacobs as he is the master of mood. His work evokes glamour, romance and luxury which is what I want to reflect in my work.

To experiment and express my vision I am going to use drawing to capture the detail of the architecture and design in my images. I enjoy draping as it gives me inspiration for silhouettes so I want this to be conveyed in my sketchbook as much as possible. I have used ink before and revel in the movement of this medium I will be using this mixed with fine liner to bring my designs to life as it is vibrant. The colours are strong and bold like my collection concept. I want to incorporate photography within my work to help communicate concept/vision. I have a whole array of fabric techniques I want to use to dress my garment silhouettes such as laser cutting, fabric manipulation such as embellishment, and both digital and traditional fabric printing.

My ideas will be evaluated via my blog I will participate in group/peer reviews and critiques to gain a more objective opinion on concept and design development. I want to have 1:1 tutorials to see where I am at and how I can develop my ideas to make them stronger.

My collection is Decadent Drama, inspired by the opulent lifestyle of the Elizabethan monarch, using jewel tones and fabric manipulation.


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