Why did they wear that?


There was a law in Tudor times, Henry the 8th reign, that there was certain clothes you could wear according to your class so that everyone knew what class you were. Henry the 8th found it important to know what classes his people were in he also thought it would boost England’s economy meaning that anyone in a low class could not wear imported wool thus protecting England’s wool trade.

Colour was of high importance in Tudor times these are the rules set by the king. Only the king was able to wear purple and gold silk and so was his close family. “Anyone lower than in standing than the government servants were not allowed to wear velvet, satin or damask unless you had lands yielding an income of £20 a year”

Colour was so important to Henry the 8th. One of the most favoured was the colour red as it was a masculine colour but also symbolise power and authority. It also had religious meaning. “Red and purple were worn by the king on significant religious feast days… Red was an expensive colour and the person wearing it stood out. It was a bold and powerful statement”

I want to understand the way monarchs lived and how their lifestyles were so extravagant, I want to make colour an imporant focus in my collection as it was so important in the 15th century to show your wealth. I will also be using fabrics of a similar quality of full of design that and modern day monarch would want to wear.



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