Summer Research

This is my Summer research; a collective of my initial research since looking at the brief and mind mapping.I have explored the ridges and angles of Conwy Castle, found fantastic secondary research flipping through books from different centuries such as the 15th through to the 19th, I also looked at the art and portraits in the Walker Art Gallery, churches, antique shops and architecture.I found the images that I saw in the books I borrowed from John Moores Library were really helpful as they contained everything in that could possible give me the idea of the lifestyle back in that era. Inside the Walker Art Gallery I found lots of beautiful gold and bronze frames that were luxurious however I felt the photographs were quite hard to draw research from I can use them to inform my draping. I also looked at statuses but they didn’t provide me with much inspiration as there wasn’t enough detail to them so they didn’t fit in with my idea of glamour they remind me more of Ancient Greece. My excursion to Conwy Castle was extremely helpful I found so many fantastic textures such as brick, roofs and crevasses.  The Architecture of the building and towers will provide me with amazing silhouette and shape ideas for my designs.

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